Man sentenced to 6 month in prison for allegedly stealing while in police station

By: Sarkolee / May 24th, 2022 / 144 views

A Dei Dei Area court condemned one Habib Dada to prison for stealing money while detained at an Abuja police station.

Dada, 34, was sentenced to six months in prison for allegedly stealing N13,250 from another inmate in the police cell.

The offender, who lives in Guzape, Asokoro village, pleaded guilty to fleeing from lawful custody and theft, according to Daily Trust.

Sulyman Ola, who delivered the verdict on Monday, granted Dada the option of paying a fine of N40,000 for the two-count charge and admonished him not to commit any further crimes.

The thief from the police counter was sentenced to pay the full amount of N13,250.

The accused was originally apprehended and imprisoned at Efab Estate police station on April 29th in connection with a case of gym equipment, iPhone, and car battery theft, according to the prosecutor, Chinedu Ogada.

Dada was able to flee when a police officer opened the cell and took out two detainees, according to Ogada. The convict took advantage of the situation and crept up to the counter, stealing the money and fleeing.

Police eventually tracked down the accused and re-arrested him, according to the prosecutor.

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