Many congratulates Actor Kunle Afod wife as she celebrates her 40th years birthday

By: Sarkolee / July 26th, 2022 / 61 views

Recently, Kunle Afod, a well-known Yoruba movie actor, received a ton of support from his friends and followers after he posted lovely pictures of his lovely wife on social media to honor her 40th birthday.


Though the gifted actor hinted that his wife looks amazing at 40 because she still appears young and vibrant like the way she did when they first met, he did not hesitate to wish his lovely wife a happy birthday.


The dark skinned actor posted a stunning statement in honor of his wife’s 40th birthday, saying, “Happy birthday to my love, the special person in my life.” You have shown me that you are more than just my wife; you are also my chosen angel, my companion, and my mother. Because you are that young, attractive woman I met years ago, 40 looks good on you. Grow even more in God’s hands. I adore you a lot. As soon as he appeared online, his wife, Desola Afod, posted a comment on the article to express her gratitude for him.

Ronke Odusanya, a colleague in the Yoruba film industry, and his other social media followers have joined the competent in congratulating his wife on her 40th birthday in the post’s comment box.

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