Many Congratulates Actress Chacha Eke as she celebrates her 38th birthday

By: Sarkolee / July 18th, 2022 / 73 views

Actress Chacha Eke Faani from Nollywood has aged a year.

On July 17, the mother of four turns 35.

Chacha celebrated her new age by posting several beautiful pictures of herself on Instagram.

It is a new season and chapter for her.

Days prior, Chacha Eke had requested assistance as she moved to write down the name of her spouse.

Chacha Eke posted a request for advice on how to change her Instagram handle on the social media platform.

The actress’s current account is “Chacha Eke Faani,” and with her most recent editing attempt, it appeared that she was trying to remove her husband’s last name.

She had been working on it for weeks, but none of her attempts had been successful, according to Chacha.

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