Many left shock as woman storm her husband office to give him wedding ring he left at home [video]

By: Sarkolee / October 7th, 2022 / 34 views

When her husband left his wedding ring at home, a Nigerian woman did something that made online users giggle.

She published a video of herself visiting his office to present him with the ring on TikTok under the handle @officiallysoniasunda.

The woman hopped on a keke, a type of commercial tricycle, and rode straight to her husband’s place of employment.

It was the second time, according to the attractive lady, and since her husband was no longer on the market, she obviously no longer found it amusing.

Sonia went to his office, but he wasn’t there. She looked around the store, and she eventually located him. He was obviously amused by her behavior since he couldn’t help but laugh.

After giving her husband the ring, she pronounced the phrase “Til death do us part.” The shop’s other patrons were similarly taken aback.

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