Many left shocked as man narrates why she cheated on her wife [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 14th, 2022 / 24 views

Many online users were in a state of shock after a Kenyan man explained why, despite being married, he chose to have an affair.

He was talking to a televangelist whom they had gone to for counseling after she discovered his infidelity.

He recalled how he first met her in 2017 when she was quite gorgeous and trim, but that by the time they were married in 2020, he had grown to find her less alluring.

The husband remarked that he thought he was no longer seeing the attractive wife he married because she started to acquire weight.

In an effort to get her back to her former shape, he had her join a gym, but it was in vain.

When everything else failed, the man claims that he asked her why she had gained weight so quickly, and she said that it was because she was at peace.

That’s when he had the concept that if her mental health could make her larger than average, he would need to discover a way to derail it so she could regain her former shape.

He then made the decision to cheat, which caused her to wake up at night worrying about it and caused her to stop eating normally.

He claimed that his approach was successful because she now appears slender, and he is pleased that his plan achieved the desired outcome.

The man also claimed that after receiving his “former” wife back, he broke up with the woman he had been having an affair with.

The woman was sobbing next to her husband while he was speaking, sobbing loudly.

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