Many reacts as 18 years old lady married to Identical twins brothers

By: Sarkolee / September 18th, 2022 / 25 views

Emily Nyaruiru, an 18-year-old Kenyan woman, is expecting her first child with husbands Peter and Teddy Kimathi, who are identical twin brothers.

The expecting mother stated during an interview that she is unsure of the father’s identity because she is married to two men and either one of them may be to blame.

The twin brothers’ decision to get married was their own, and Emily, who gained notoriety for disclosing that she was in a polyamorous relationship with them, claimed they are happy together.

She claims that although her mother first opposed the union, she has since changed her mind.

“My mum had been against the relationship, especially them being twins. She asked me to opt for one. However, I insisted I’m ok with the duo. She is now very supportive,” she said.

Peter, one of the twin brothers who initially met Emily, claimed that, on occasion, he would let his brother call Emily on his behalf while he was seeing her.

Peter responded that he was very much okay with the scenario when asked how he felt about his brother falling for his wife.

“We have grown up together, we have done things together, there is that brotherly bond therefore I saw no issue with it,” he said.

Emily claimed that after meeting the two, she made the decision to adore them both due to their shared characteristics.

The twins, who have been roommates with the same woman for a year, insist that they will all be taking care of the child and carrying out their duties.