Many reacts as Actress Damilola Oni writes love epistles as she unveil his mystery lover

By: Sarkolee / December 15th, 2022 / 46 views

Many reacts as Actress Damilola Oni writes love epistles as she unveil his mystery lover

Damilola Oni, a well-known actress from Nigeria, aroused online discussion when she shared images of an unnamed partner on her official Instagram profile.

She provided a detailed narrative of what really happened along with images from a movie she had acted in and her unidentified partner. She wrote, “Dear Asake.”

I won’t stand in your way; you must leave. But assure me you won’t be too arrogant to return. when you discover that the grass is dryer on the opposite side.

I know he calls you more often. He sends sweeter texts than me. I know he is a better listener. And with him you don’t argue as much as we do. But it is easier to solve a problem until it becomes yours. Maybe when you become his, he’d call less. Maybe he’d lose his touch of romantic poetry. Maybe he’d listen less when you always have too much to say everyday – maybe too much to say might have you disagreeing on one or two matters.

I know he has more money to spend. And he fixes your problems quicker than I do. But maybe someday in your life, you’d realise I did give the best of what I had. From my pocket and from my heart. Maybe someday you’d realise, tomorrow I might have more to spend than him. And you’d only have to wish it to have it.

Maybe he has a bad mouth. And he says hurtful things that make you cry. Maybe he has a hot temper. Maybe he’d hit you once or twice.

Maybe someday he’d find another woman. And his gun rise in thirst for new meat. Maybe he’d hurt you and break your heart into pieces. And you’d cry and wish you never left me.

If life happens to happen to you, Asake, promise; promise me, you’d not be too proud to come back to me.

I’ll be here. Never to judge. I promise you.” – ‘Fimisola.