Many reacts as Asake floss Shirt that looks like female Skirt at his concert in US [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 24th, 2022 / 59 views

Days after lighting up the internet with his baggy denim, YBNL’s Asake is once again a hot topic of conversation. The Organise singer began the first leg of his US tour by arriving in a Balenciaga shirt that closely resembled a woman’s skirt. Social media users responded to the ensemble in a variety of ways, with some praising Asake’s sense of style and clothing.

Asake, a YBNL musician, not only has a way of hooking people with his catchy sounds and melodies, but he also has a way of making a splash with his sense of style. The artist reappeared with yet another odd attire just days after becoming popular on social media for rocking loose jeans in a dance video posted on his Facebook.

Asake’s US tour got underway with a stop in Chicago, where the crowd was ecstatic to see him play live.

The moment he entered the stage wearing an unusual Balenciaga shirt was captured on camera and posted to his Instagram story account.

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