Many reacts as Asake music dethroned WIzkid new music to be Number 1 on Music chart

By: Naijamedialog / September 20th, 2022 / 108 views

Nigerians are reacting with glee to the news that Wizkid, a Grammy-winning artist, has been ousted off the top of the charts by fast-rising singer Asake.

The quickly growing vocalist has undoubtedly dominated the industry since breaking into it.

With his album, the YBNL signee has been dominating charts.

Days ago, Wizkid launched his first vocalist after a two-year hiatus, according to NGV news.

When the Grammy-winning musician released “Bad to Me,” his first single in two years, it undoubtedly broke the internet.

Mixed assessments were, however, given to the brand-new tune. While many deemed the song to be “a hit tune,” others labeled it “wack.”

Even though the song generated conflict between Davido and May D and hyped Wizkid’s FC, Bad To Me isn’t at the top of the charts.

Wizkid has been deposed by Asake as the leader. His tracks “Organise,” “Terminator,” and “Joha” have all reached the top of the charts.

New song by WizKids is at #4 on the chart.

While Wizkid’s FC are upset by the news, other people have taken the chance to make fun of Wizkid for losing the top rank to a rising star.

One Collete wrote, “Lol normally the song has no business with no 1 but because everybody wants to hear the 🗑️ that guy sang, na why e reach no 1

One Amica wrote, “That sing is overrated anyways, come for me at ur own risk

One Pappi Edee wrote, “Bad fi me never deserve number 1, just fan base pushing. you can argue with your keyboard

One MC Edidiong wrote, “Maybe it’s because people said the song is bad to me but Asake good to us

One Majestic wrote, “I sha don’t know what wizkid sang there, I know they will attack me but I say the truth

One Ekedum wrote, “Bad to me was never even meant to be at number 1 at first

One Joez wrote, “See how everybody they rejoice”