Many reacts as British Rapper Tion Wayne speaks yoruba language in native attire [video]

By: Sarkolee / August 30th, 2022 / 28 views

Tion Wayne, a British rapper, has drawn attention after being seen on camera speaking Yoruba fluently.

The musician and his buddies appeared to be traveling to a traditional Nigerian wedding in the UK as they exited the building dressed sharply in regional garb.

The center of attention, Tion, drew forward to the camera and fluently said a few phrases in Yoruba.

Bawo ni? Showa Okay”, he said.

The Rolls Royce that was being used for the wedding that they were going as groomsmen was then displayed. The groom was observed with a walking stick and wearing Isiagu close to the whip.

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In reaction, ___ennieola said; Mi o wa okay sir😂😂

plutokrat1; He get Ondo intonation

selfspending; Full time Nigerian and his name is Dennis Junior Odunwo

_the.ayinke; He is Yoruba now no big deal 😂 let everyone embrace there culture

akonbelly; That is my ondo boy

Preshynawtii; Lol man’s li