Many reacts as Chinese man sang Igbo worship song beautifully [video]

By: Sarkolee / July 30th, 2022 / 75 views

A Chinese man stunned social media followers by effortlessly singing a worship song in Igbo.


In a viral video, he could be heard with a lovely voice performing an Igbo worship song.


The man read the hymn from his phone, and at one point a Nigerian woman who was filming him joined in to sing.


The fact that the girl was speaking to him in Mandarin, which is the national language of China, while he was singing in Igbo is another intriguing aspect of the video.

chinomso___; Chikodi…is that you?


norablisscollectionss; What a nice voice


vinedeviper; She speak Chinese ooo


hrh_kingdiamond; Chinedu stop disguising.


coprakary; This guy sang am well. Chia. Some naija choirs members can’t even sing am well self.


Watch video HERE

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