Many reacts as Comedian Sabinus hide the face of his woman

By: Sarkolee / August 2nd, 2022 / 21 views

Sabinus, a Nigerian comedian and producer of skits, has revealed a mysterious girl, igniting love rumors.

He uploaded a picture of himself taking a mirror selfie with just the back of a girl in a warm embrace.

Rumors can circulate because the content creator hasn’t formally declared that he’s in a relationship.

Fans enquired about Sabinus’ identity while some claimed to have previously spotted her due to the photo’s full-cheeks smile.

onyinye_______’ My gee and his all, no near oh

baby___linda1′ If I open IG first thing to show up is relationship… I go TikTok same thing… even on FB wetin single people like us go do

tomitintin.x; He’s posted her face before.. like twice expect say na another babe this ooo

tshine_nova; Make e better no show us cos state CID full this social media

nebuluseen; Oga why you dey hide our madam face

vicdano22; Smart investor, Protecting his property

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