Many reacts as man canceled wedding over her fiancee’s online comment that she can cheat because of 1 million naira

By: Sarkolee / August 25th, 2022 / 23 views

According to reports, a man called off his wedding because of his fiance’s social media comment in which she admitted that she would swindle him for money.

When a Facebook user asked ladies if they would cheat on their husbands for N1 million, the woman responded “Yes,” and someone who knew the pair saw it online.

The user screencapped her message and forwarded it to her fiance, who broke up with her right away and cancelled their December 2022 wedding.

On the microblogging website, the anecdote was posted by Josephine @JojoNitq.

The tweet reads; ”A man cancelled his wedding that was supposed to take place in December 2022 ….because the bride to be commented yes on Facebook that she can cheat on the husband for 1Million naira …someone that knows her screen shot it and showed the guy….was the man’s action right?”


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In reaction, @ThatUrhoboGirl wrote; That person that took ss of the comments is wicked but as she knew she was going to settle down she should’ve been very careful in everything

@DanielRegha; Saying that u can cheat on ur partner is an ultimate Red flag; There are things u don’t say even if it’s a joke. The man was right to call off the engagement cos the lady just proved she can’t be trusted. I hope she learns from this, & acts more sensibly in her next relationship.

@cocktailhoney; I feel internet is just cruise. She might mean that or not. But that dude wasn’t waiting around to find out😆