Many reacts as Nigerian Soldier catches her wife with another man on their matrimonial bed [watch video]

By: Sarkolee / June 21st, 2022 / 18 views

A video has gone viral on social media showing a Nigerian soldier catching his wife with another guy on his matrimonial bed, eliciting strong emotions from netizens.

The woman had a romantic moment with another man under the covers in her husband’s residence, according to the footage. The spouse is a Nigerian soldier who is not usually at home since he is on the job protecting Nigerians and killing terrorists in the country.

Unexpectedly, the Nigerian soldier returned home and saw his wife sleeping with another man in their marital bed.

It became a distressing situation for the woman and her side man because they had no notion that the husband would return from Bornu, and they all exclaimed and wept that it was devil’s work.

While crying, the woman attributed it to nature, noting that she had been trying for a long time and that she had simply opted to spend some time with the man, claiming that nothing had happened between them.

The Nigerian soldier expressed his displeasure by saying that despite all the money he had given his wife, as well as the car he had given her, she could still afford to cheat on him, despite her pledge to stay for him while he was away.

While the side guy pleaded that he did not touch his wife, the Nigerian soldier declared that he would make sure he suffered as a result, though he would not kill any of them.

While the wife revealed that she had no idea what had happened to her as she continued to implore him, the Nigerian soldier said that she would make sure she returned to the hamlet where she was snatched up from as he vexingly urged her to pack out before the count of 1-5. Watch the video below to learn more.

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kemzy_classic: See my Duvet Omo the soldier man is Patient oooo😮

vicky_blown:  People are saying the solider is cool… the thing is he can’t touch her, then fit sanction am 😢

didimoses: Give am injury wey him go use remember for rest of him life

damnath_collections: Na one person go call the man ooo😂😂😂😂

skinsecret_by_meerah: The man sef get mind soja wife o for doha house

chinedu_accurate: I no believe this video na movie 😂😂


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