Many reacts as Portable cries out after losing his expensive chain as he jumps into crowds when performing [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 26th, 2022 / 39 views

Nigerians are raving about a video of controversial artist Portable showing off his fans’ intense affection on social media. In the video, Portable roamed freely among a huge audience as they hugged and listened to his song. He came back to the stage unharmed and entertained the audience with even funnier and more animated gestures. Nigerians’ reactions to the video have been varied as they discussed the singer’s high level of excitement.

When he posted a video from a recent concert on Instagram, popular Nigerian artist Portable stirred up discussion online. In the footage, Portable could be seen interacting freely with the people who were surrounding him and cheering him on.

It was quite difficult, He had to fight hard to get away, but after he did, he returned to the stage to give another energetic performance and show off his odd dance techniques by showing eccentrically on the floor.

Members of the online community debated the Zazoo crooner’s vitality as they compared him to other musicians in a similar genre.

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