Many reacts as woman request fertility test result from his fiancé before she can marry him

By: Sarkolee / June 2nd, 2022 / 19 views


Before she agrees to marry her guy, she has reportedly insisted that he visit a reproductive clinic to get tested for his ability to father children.

Saralee, a Twitter user, shared the story, revealing that the man is refusing to take the exam despite the fact that the woman has already completed hers.

He allegedly told them to ask his ex-girlfriend, who may have performed an abortion for him, to establish that he is not impotent.

She wrote this ;

So this girl is insisting her husband to be visit a Fertility clinic to be sure he can produce before accepting to marry him. Guys I know y”all have ego and all, but is this a deal breaker or you’ll just accept and do it?

Her womb is intact, She has done hers just the man remaining.

He’s having cold feet and we don’t know why baba said we should ask his ex he is sure they must have aborted one or two. But he will eventually do it sha

See her post :

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