Many reacts as Yul Edochie mocks upcoming actor and actress

By: Sarkolee / September 9th, 2022 / 30 views

Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor and past presidential candidate, has once more had it with trolls after making fun of rising actors and actresses for their bad English pronunciations.

According to news, Yul Edochie uploaded a photo on Instagram with a comment criticizing aspiring actors and actresses who lack effective English communication skills.

He claims that Nollywood has become into a haven for dummies who, at whatever cost, aspire to be actors or actresses.

He wrote: Everybody wan be actor and actress.

All the dummies around want to be actors and actresses.

Nollywood has turned into dumping ground for blockheads.

Even people that can’t speak good English have become actors and actresses in English movies unlike before.

People who know nothing about the craft are actors and actresses.

No respect for the profession anymore.

Nollywood don suffer.

Somehow everything dies in this country.


Netizens were offended by Yul Edochie’s comments and turned to his comment section to insert his second wife, Judy Austin, into the controversy.

kang.della: Talk to Judy directly

sugarbaby99789: Always know that anytime you insult people, it goes directly to Judy Austin

sugarbaby99789: Judy Austine, too, can not speak good English

doreen.cindy: Talk to Judy directly don’t go through the corners 😂😂.. and you and judy are making Hollywood to be more bad by getting pregnant with your colleagues and scatter your marriage ontop of it act your life situation by mocking your wife..