Married To Mr Arrogant Season 1 Episode 8

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Married to Mr Arrogant


(They are crazy😂)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe💞📚

SEASON 1 episode 8

“Bryan please eat.” I said looking at Bryan who has been so sad since yesterday.
“I won’t eat until I see Sarah.” He said again firmly.
“You know Sarah she in her husband’s house now.” I said feeling frustrated.
“Can’t she come to visit? Or I go to visit her?” He said as tears threatened to fall off his eyes.
“Bryan.” I called.
“Please mother, I miss her so much.” He said pouting his mouth.
“Fine, you will go see her on Saturday. Can you eat now?” I asked smiling.
“Thank you mom! I will eat now!” He said happily hugging me.
I smiled at him as he pounced on his food and he began to devour it. He loves Sarah so much, but when she is around, he will never let her rest.
“I will call Sarah.” I said walking to the couch to pick my phone.
I dialed her number and walked back to where Bryan was.
📲 Hi mother.
📲 Hey Sarah, how are you doing?
📲 I am fine mother *coldly*
📲 And how is your husband?
📲 He is not my husband, he is Harry.
📲 Whatever. Bryan wants to come over for the weekend.
📲 Really? That is great mother, I missed him so much.
📲 He misses you too.
📲Okay mom, Bye.
She hung up and I looked at Bryan who was already feeling high.
“I can’t wait!” He yelled.
I stood up from the bed stretching. I actually had a sound night, without Harry beside me.
I walked to the bathroom to take my bath. Tho I had nowhere special to go, I needed to visit Kuc at the hospital.
I made haste in the bathroom and came out tiring my towel. I walked to the drawer and sat in front the mirror.
I took out my body lotion and began to apply on my body. I sat backing the door and the sun ray reflected into the room making it look very beautiful.
I loosened my towel letting it fall to my waist, and exposing my breasts. I took some of my lotion in my hand and used it to clean my chest down to my tummy.
I finished and I raised up my legs to do the same. I was done and I stood up wrapping my towel to look back when I saw Harry staring at me.
“Ah!” I yelled holding my chest tightly.
“Ah.. I… I wanted to pick up my tie.” He stammered looking away and walking briskly to his closet.
My eyes were widened as I began to think about what happened.
“Did he just see my breasts? Or he just came in?”
“I am off to work.” He said walking out.
“Did you see anything?” I asked narrowing my eyes.
What.. What do you mean? “He stammered looking at me.
“Never mind. You can go.” I said walking to my closet.
“Okay.” He said walking out again.
“I am going to see a friend.” I said coldly picking a gown from my wardrobe.
“Okay.” He added finally shutting the door.
“What is wrong with him? He is acting cold.”
“Well that is how he is, it is none of my business.”
I quickly wore the gown and a sandal to match carrying my bag before heading out. I then remembered my phone was on the bed.
I quickly rushed to get it when I saw a message pop in into my phone.
I opened it and I saw it was a message from Kuc.
I opened it and I sae his message.
I walked outside and sat in my car heading to his house. I am happy he is fine now.
I got to his house and came down from my car after parking it very well. I knocked on his door and it opened immediately.
“Sarah.” He called pulling me into a hug.
“Hi.” I replied feeling kinda weird.
“Come in, I am so happy you are here. Thank you for coming.” He said as I walked in.
He locked the door behind me as I stood feeling a little anxious.
Suddenly, I felt his arm wrap me from behind.
“Kuc what are you doing, let me go.” I said removing his hand from me.
“Sarah I just wanted to hold you.” He said looking at me sadly.
“Kuc listen, I came to check on your health status and I really need to get going now.” I said firmly.
“Sarah you said you loved me, you even kissed me. Why are you still not comfortable with me?” He asked coming close to me.
“Wow so he remembered, oh shit, this is bad.”
“Actually Kuc, I didn’t mean that.” I said narrowing my eyes.
“What?” He asked.
“I mean, I just didn’t want you to hurt yourself.” I said sighing.
“So you lied that you loved me? And you even kissed me falsely? That is not possible Sarah. I know you still love me.” He said moving close to me.
“Kuc please! I need to go.” I said walking out of his house hurriedly.
“Sarah.” He called but I ignored him.
I sat in my car and ignited the engine, driving out of his compound.

I sat in my office with one of my client chatting business. He was here for another petty contract.

“I really appreciate sir.” He said standing up and shaking my hands.

“You are welcome, once you are ready let us know. We are very willing to support.” I replied smiling widely.

“Thanks so much.” He said and walked out of the office with his briefcase.

I sighed and sat on my chair dropping my head on the desk. I was feeling so tired, and all I wanted was a sweet massage from a naked girl.

Then I remembered Sarah, her breasts were so beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, I could see them clearly from the mirror in front of her.

The nipples were pink and an inch long approximately. I really wish I could touch it, but that would be the end of me.

We don’t like each other one bit.

I was still thinking there was a knock on my door. The door opened revealing my secretary.

“A woman is here to see you sir. And she says are name is Elizabeth.” She said.

“Elizabeth?” I asked furrowing my brows trying to recollect who that was.
“Yes sir.” She answered.

“Bring her in.” I said wondering who she was.
She walked out and after some minutes the door opened again. I looked up and Alas! I saw my college runaway girlfriend.

“Elizabeth!” I called standing up.

“Harry.” Her ever sweet voice came to me.

I walked up to her hugging her tightly. She still smelt as wonderful as ever, and she didn’t depreciate in beauty at all.

“Wow, when did you get back?” I asked disengaging from the hug.
“Yesterday.” She replied smiling.

“Wow you look beautiful as always.” I said as we both sat on the couch in my office.
“Thanks, you aren’t looking bad either. Handsome and always elegant.” She said making me laugh.

“So why did you come back? For vacation or what?” I asked.
“Actually i am back permanently.” She said.

“Wow, that is a great.” I said happily.

“Err… Harry, I am sorry for how I left you many years back. I was so confused and I needed to start afresh. I am so sorry.” She said looking at me.

“It is okay Lizzy. You know not long after you left, I was back to my feet. Let’s forget about that, it was just a child’s play, nothing to be furious about.”

“Look at you, you have grown so big.” I said happily.

“Yes.” She replied staring at my hand.

“What is it?” I asked looking at hand.

“You are married?” She asked grinning.

“Oh, yes I am.” I replied rolling my eyes.

“Wow, wasn’t expecting that.” She said as her countenance changed.

“I wasn’t either. You know let’s forget about me. What of your husband?” I asked smiling.

“I am yet to have one.” She replied sadly.

“Oh sorry, your fiancée?” I asked again.

“Still yet to have one.” She said.

“Seriously? Why? A beautiful girl like you.” I said staring at her.

“Since I left you, I haven’t been able to love anyone else. You are the one I want.” She said and my mouth dropped open.

“C’mon Lizzy, that was just a child’s play. There are more handsome and calm guys out there wanting to have you. You should just deprive yourself of a good husband.” I added.

“Don’t you want me?” She asked staring at me.

“Ahh…ahh, I..” I stammered but she cut me off with a kiss. It felt wrong immediately it happened and I pushed her away.

“Elizabeth please. Don’t force things.” I said standing up.

“Harry you said you will always love me.” She said in a shaky voice.

“That was then, I am married now.” I said without thinking.

“Okay then. I will take my leave, but I won’t give up on you Harry. You are mine.” She said walking out.

“Wait! What just happened. Did I just defend my fake marriage?” I asked holding my head.
“What is wrong with me?”


I walked out of his office feeling so hurt. I bowed my head as tears dropped from my eyes.

“I waited for him for good 10 years. Because of him I didn’t have another man in my life.”

Truly we lost contact and I left him but my love kept renewing every morning.
I can’t just let him go. No! Harry has been mine right from the beginning.

I can still solidly remember how he was all over me then and how we both rocked the school making the other students jealous.

I can’t just let that go, the world would surely mock me. I need to do something about this, my man can’t be married to anyone except me!

I walked out of the company to my car and stood by the door looking up at Harry’s office for the last time.

As I saw him, I remembered how he f**ked my brains out of my on our prom night. We were both mad in love and I really enjoyed his d**k in me.

“I can’t imagine it in another woman, no I can’t. His d**k is only for me not anyone.” I thought before hopping into my car.

“Harry, this is not over. Let’s see how you can resist my body for long.” I said driving out of the company and heading home.

Hmm who is this one again😞😒😒