Married To Mr Arrogant Season 1 – Episode 9

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Married to Mr Arrogant


(They are crazy 😂)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚

SEASON 1 episode 9


I got home thinking about what happened. Kuc really think I love him but I don’t, not one bit. I don’t know why is hard to.

I sat on the couch sighing heavily when I heard a knock on the door.
“Am coming.” I said standing up rushing to get it.

“Sarah!” Piper called jumping on me.
“Piper!” I replied happily hugging her tight.

“Who did you come with?” I asked looking outside.

“Mother, but she left already saying she is busy.” She replied still in my hands.

“That is good, I missed you.” I said kissing her cheeks as I locked the door. She giggled kissing Me back as I walked back to the couch.

“What of old Harry.” She asked.

“He is at work.” I said and I saw her countenance change immediately.

“Do you love Harry?” She asked shocking me.

“Piper what do you know by the word love?” I asked surprised.

“I know very well, but I can’t see it between both of you. You don’t behave like father and mother and I am not happy.” She mumbled sadly.

“Piper we are doing fine okay?” I said smiling.

“I don’t want you to shoot at each other anymore. Please.” She said holding my hand.

“I have heard Piper, we won’t anymore.” I said hugging her.

“Thank you.” She said smiling.

“Guess what?” I said making her eyes widen.

“What!” She yelled.

“Bryan is coming for the weekend!” I said.

“Bryan is coming!!!!! Oh God! I can’t wait for weekend to come. I need to go to the hair stylist.” She rapped.

“Piper, hair stylist? Just for Bryan?” I asked furrowing my brows.

“I like him.” She whispered into my ear making me laugh.

“Piper you are still very young for what you are saying.” I said brushing her hair with my fingers.

Before she could reply a knock came on the door.

“I will get it.” Piper said running to the door. She opened the door and Harry came in looking as handsome as ever.

“Old Harry!!” She yelled jumping on him.

“How are you piper?” He asked carrying her.

“Great!” She yelled giggling.

They both walked to where I sat and i saw his gaze fixed on me. Piper also watched our reactions.

“Hi.” I said trying to smile. I didn’t want piper to feel bad.
“Hi.” He replied dropping Piper.

“I will be in my room okay?” He said to Piper.
“Won’t you play with us?” She said pouting her mouth.

“Big brother is quite busy, I will play with you another time.” He said standing up. He looked at me expressionless before walking away.

I looked at Piper smiling and she smiled back.
“I understand, thank you for not yelling at each other this time.” She said and I kissed her forehead.

“You are so smart Piper.” I said and she giggled blushing slightly.

I walked to the room feeling tired. The office stress and Elizabeth was enough to finish me.

I began removing my shirt when the door opened. I thought it was Sarah so I ignored and kept doing what I was doing.

“Old Harry.” I heard Piper call and I faced back immediately to her at the door staring at me.

“Piper Hey.” I said smiling.

“Can I tell you something?” She said looking very serious. For the very first time Piper was looking so serious.

“What is that?” I asked eagerly sitting on the bed. What does she want to say?

“Do you love Sarah.” She dropped the bomb and my heart leaped instantly.

“What? Where did you hear the word ‘love’ from.” I said looking at her in shock.

“I know, just forget about about how I knew. I want to know.” She added firmly.

Wow, I really don’t know what to tell her. If I try outsmarting her she will defiantly not oblige.

“Piper, I..” I said stammering, thinking of what to say.

“Isn’t she beautiful enough? She is your wife, and I can’t see you behave like father does to mother.” She said staring at me.

“Piper you can’t understand.” I said sighing.

“Make me, I can take it.” She said boldly.

Before I could talk the door opened and Sarah came in. We both stared at her like we saw a ghost.

“I will just leave.” She said turning.

“No.. I.. Don’t!” I said standing up. This is the great way to ignore Piper’s question.
To be honest it is so hard to answer and I don’t know why.

“Errr… Bryan wants to come for a visit this weekend.” She said bowing slightly.
“Yes! And I can’t wait!” Piper yelled happily.

“Okay.” I replied removing my shirt.

“You haven’t answered my question.” She added firmly.
God, she won’t give up.

“Piper, I am very tired. Please let me rest.” I said tiredly.

“Piper let’s go play some games.” Sarah said carrying her and I felt butterflies in my belly.

Finally! I am free.

I sighed as soon as they walked out of the room.

“But sincerely do you love her?” My mind asked.
“Hell no, I don’t.” I mumbled rolling my eyes.

“But why couldn’t you answer Piper?” It asked again.

“Well…I… Whatever.” I said removing my shirt.


Mrs Wick dropped by to pick Piper, tho she didn’t bother coming in. She complained of getting home late.

“Bye Piper.” I said as I walked back into the house feeling extremely bored.

I walked to room to rest and I met Harry sitting on the bed with his laptop in front if him.

I ignored and walked to the closet to pick up my night gown.

“Today is Friday, hope you remember.” He said coldly staring at his Laptop.
Wow that is true i almost forgot.

“What kind of meeting? I need to know so I can choose the cloth I would wear.” I said looking at him.

“Just an official dinner.” He replied shutting down his laptop.

“Okay.” I replied looking at the closet again.
“It is by 6pm. We need to make haste, time is not on our side.” He said moving out of the room.

I looked at my clothes, racking my brain on which of them to wear, when I saw a gold gown I haven’t worn for sometime now.

I picked it by the hanger and placed it on the bed. I walked to the bathroom to have a quick shower.

I came out after some few minutes, and fortunately for me Harry was not in the room. I walked to the door with my towel wrapped around me to lock it.

I walked back to where I placed my gown. I cleaned my body and applied some lotion before wearing the gown.

I wore it and it seemed tighter than before. Though I know I grow every passing day, but I never knew I had grown this much.

I stood in front of the mirror examining what I was putting on. The gown was long to my feet, but had a cutting up to my thighs.

My moderate hip looked perfect in it, and I loved what I saw. I brushed my hair smoothly making it fall to my shoulders.

I applied a slight makeup to match and wore my black heels too.

I carried my transparent bag, and walked to the door ready for this so called Official dinner. I just hope I am able to impress everyone.

I breathed in and out before opening the door and walking out of the room heading to the living room.

My heels kept making noise as I walked in the tiles, and I wished I had the ability to fly.

I was on the stairs when i sighted Harry in the living room. OMG! He looked so hot.
He wore a very good looking suit and a trouser to match. His hair was styled to fall backwards, he was nothing less to a Greek god.

He face was on his phone until I got to where he was.


I was so into my phone that I didn’t know Sarah was in front of me

“I am ready.” I heard her say. I then sighed and looked up to a someone I don’t think I have seen in my life before.

Gracious heavens she looked so beautiful and sexy. I never knew she was this beautiful, it seems her beauty keeps renewing every morning.

I stared at her from head to toe, not able to control myself.

“We don’t want to get there late.” She said again making stop my stupid act.

“Ernn.. Yes… Lead the way.” I said looking away and pretending to look for something on the couch.

She walked to the door and I couldn’t help to look at her backside which looked extremely perfect in her gorgeous gown.

One thing I know is that anywhere we get to today, all eyes will be on her. And I don’t want that, she is married.

I walked out of the house to see her waiting for me close to the car.

“Hop in.” I said moving into the car. She still stood at the door staring at me when it dawn to me that she didn’t really know where to sit.

“Sit here.” I said pointing at the seat in front. She nodded and sat on it feeling a little shy.

I ignited the engine as we started to move to our destination.

“Am I going to be doing any talking?” She asked as we hit the main road.

“Not really, I can’t say. But it is possible, you know, you will know when you get there. Just make sure you don’t disgrace me.” I said concentrating on my driving.
I felt she wanted to speak but she then ignored looking out of the window.


We got to the restaurant and I packed my car at the designated space. I came down from the car and rushed to where Sarah was before she could come down.

I opened the door for her and I saw her look at me in bewilderment.

“We need to pretend remember.” I said in gritted teeth, trying to keep my smiling face. She then rolled her eyes before coming down.

I closed the door feeling irritated. I have never done this for a lady, it is a slap on my face. But I just have to do this for this contract. It is worth it.

I moved to where she stood looking at the restaurant and stretched my hands to her like they do on red carpets.

She took my hand keeping a straight face as we both walked into the restaurant. There were people also in the restaurant who were eating, some chatting.

Immediately we entered, all attention was diverted to us which I could really phantom why. The men stared at Sarah, while the ladies stared at me.

I am an hot cake though.

We began to hear murmurings, which I shut my ears to. I sighted Mr Bruce and we walked to the table where he sat.

“Mr Harry.” He said standing up and giving me an handshake.

“Mr Bruce, sorry for keeping you here all by yourself.” I replied smiling.

“Oh its nothing.” He replied shifting his gaze to Sarah.

“And you most be Mrs Wick.” He said giving her an handshake too.

“Yes, Good evening Mr Bruce.” She replied sweetly and I had to take a look at her again, if she truly was the one that just spoke.

“Wow, you look so beautiful. Mr Wick is really a lucky man.” He said grinning.

I rolled my eyes shrugging. Only if he knew this was all fake, all I need from her is to play along and I really love how she is fairing now.


They look so cute together❤❤❤
Best couples 3030😂💃💃