Married To Mr Arrogant Season 2 – Episode 4

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Married to Mr Arrogant


(Crazily in love ❤)

Written’ by: Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚

SEASON 2 episode 4

We both walked out of the room holding ourselves. She held my hand while I held her waist.
I kept thinking of telling her about Elizabeth and the outing we are going to have together.
We got to the room and I stood in front of my closet removing my shirt.
I felt her stare at me and I did and I was forced to look back.
“Why are you so quiet?” She asked moving close to me while I kept removing my shirt.
“I want to tell you something.” I said facing her again.
“Go ahead, you are scaring me already.” She said looking scared.
“I have a meeting with Elizabeth on Saturday.” I said watching her countenance closely.
“And you are going?” She said looking away.
“I want to ask you if I should, she just wants to say sorry and be friends again.” I said holding her hands.
“I don’t trust her.” She said looking at me.
“If you don’t want me to go tell me. I won’t go.” I said shrugging my shoulders.
“Don’t go, i can’t share you with anyone.” She said pulling me into a hug while I kissed her neck.
“I won’t go okay?” I said smiling as I stood up to remove my loosened shirt.
“Let me help you.” She said moving her hand on my bare chest making me stare at her.
She moved the shirt down my arms while we stared at each other. The shirt became stuck at my upper arm so she has to move to my back.
She pulled it down and that was it. My shirt was off thanks to her.
And when I thought it was over, she began to trail her fingers over the tattoos on my back.
“When did you get this?” She whispered moving her finger down my spine.
“When I was still a boy. I loved tattoos, so I thought of having one.” I replied still standing.
“So you thought of a dragon with long tails that runs down your spine? Why?” She asked still punishing me with the way she traced out the shape with her finger.
“It looked beautiful when I saw it in the book, and I actually wanted to be like one, fierce and dangerous.” I said and I saw her smile through the mirror.
And when I waited for her reply, she replied with her tongue on me, tracing out the image of the dragon.
“Sarah.” I whispered as my d**k twitched as did it.
“Don’t tell me you are horny already.” She replied turning me to face her.
“You are driving me insane.” I whispered staring at her face.
“Here I am.” She replied moving her finger to my chest and started tracing my abs out.
“Sarah please stop.” I said within gritted teeth.
“Its a long time you had sex right.” She answered looking at me and smiling sweetly.
I nodded weakly due to the effect of her finger on me.
“You wish to do it now?” She asked moving back, and all I could do was nod.
She moved her hand to the rope that held her night gown and began to loose it. I couldn’t utter a word because I was so eager to see her unclad body.
The gown dropped to the ground, and their she ,my fake wife naked in front of me.
I stared at her b**bs and my d**k sent a warning to my brain.
“I want you to have me Harry. I don’t want you to go around f**king other ladies when you have me here.” She said kissing my lips slowly.
I moved my hands down her back taking her moderate a** in it. I began kissing faster and it grew intense.
I lifted her and wrapped her around my torso moving her to the bed. She fondled with my hair as I moved.
Without breaking the kiss, I laid her on the bed making sure my full weight was not on her.
I broke the kiss and we both stared at ourselves. I moved my gaze from her face to her b**bs stopping it there.
“You are f**king erect.” I said to her b**bs making her giggle. I took the ni**les first into my mouth holding it for some seconds.
She seemed to love it and she arched her back wanting me to do more. Her ni**les were long enough to hold on to so I just did.
Soon I began to move my tongue in a circle round it making a moan escape from her mouth
“Harry.” She whispered and I moved to the second nipple doing the same thing.
I moved down to her belly button with my mouth, tracing her curves out with my hand. I kissed her belly button and all around it.
She moved her hips up for me to gain access to the real deal. But no, not now.
I kept kissing her thighs and all around her neatly shaved p**sy making her gasp.
“Do it already motherf**ker.” She said making me laugh.
I moved my hand over her v**gina and i saw she was dripping wet.
“F**k.” She moaned as I moved my hand over the surface.
I touched the surface of her cl*t and I heard her moan loud.
I loved the effect so I moved my mouth between her legs fliping her cl*t with my tongue.
“Ahh!!” She moaned aloud holding the bed firmly.
I held her cl*t between my teeth for some second and I saw her mouth drop out.
“You are punishing me Harry.” She managed to say gasping.
I smiled against her and I didn’t stop what I was doing, I am the bad guy here.

My eyes heated up as he kept licking and flipping my cl*ts with his tongue.
“Harry.” I moaned aloud and i felt him smile against me.

“I hate you!” I said within gritted teeth clapping his head to me with my thighs as i began to shake vigorously.

I held my cl*ts in his mouth when he saw this and I raised up my leg as I came all over him.

“I am sorry.” I said when I noticed I stained all over his face.

“I love it.” He replied as i fell back to the bed.

“You are crazy.” I said trying to catch my breath.

“Not so soon Sarah.” He said reaching for my mouth and kissing me making me taste myself in his mouth.

He sat up trying to loosen his trousers, so I sat up to reach for it. I unbuckled the belt and tossed it to the corner of the room.

I zipped his trouser down and my hand mistakenly brushed his d**k. Gosh, he was f*king hard.

I tossed his trousers off in haste and there his d**k was. In front of me ready to tear me apart.

It looked so big and all I could do was stare at it.

“Is this a staring competition or what?” He asked smiling making me look away.

“Let’s make babies already.” I said pulling him over me and kissing him very fast.

He positioned himself in front of my passage not breaking the kiss. He began to rub my p**sy lips with it making me moan in his mouth.

He moved it up to my cl*ts and I gasped holding him firmly.

“Get ready for big daddy.” He said grinning 😁.

“Bring it on.” I said staring into his face.

He moved the cap in slowly and I mouth dropped open😰.

He moved in the more and I didn’t know when a moan escaped my lips. Gosh he was f**king huge. He filled me perfectly 👌.

He began to thrust in and out of me and my moan filled the room.

I held him firmly as i began to hear him groan. Soon he reached climax and exploded inside of me.

“Geez ,it feels like heaven.” I thought as we both couldn’t stop panting.
He laid beside me and I turned to look at him.

“That was the most beautiful sex ever.” He said kissing my forehead.

“Same with me.” I replied hugging him as i began to feel dizzy.

“I love you.” He whispered holding me tight.

“I love you more.” I replied and I dozed off right there in his arms.

…… On Saturday…..

I jumped up from bed feeling extra excited. I will be meeting Harry today, isn’t that great. I walked to the bathroom to have me bath.

I came out and took the cloth I had prepared for today’s outing. I wore it and also wore my shoe and carried my bag.

I checked my wrist watch and it was 4pm. Gosh the time is too slow.

I walked to living room after taking my phone, and sat on the couch waiting nervously for 6pm.

I already placed the content in my bag and I brought it out to look at it again.
“I can’t wait to put this in Harry’s drink.”

He will be all over me within some few seconds.
Then we will have a great time and boom! I am pregnant! This is a super duper plan.

I placed it in my bag again and decided to go online, maybe I could see some things to take my time before Harry’s arrival.

I began to search for some dates by some couples online, how they compose themselves during the date.

I don’t know why I am even searching for these things. I seem so nervous, I should be more than confident so he doesn’t notice anything strange.

I can’t stop imagining how he would act when he drinks this portion. He won’t even be able to hold himself in the car when we drive back home.

I can’t wait!
I checked the time and it was ten minutes to 6pm.
Okay I can’t wait anymore.

I brought out my phone and dialed his digits eagerly.
It began to ring and my heart kept beating fast waiting for him to pick up.

The call got disconnected and I began to feel great heat. Where did you keep your phone motherf**ker.

I dialed it again and this time I stood up and began to pace all around the living room.

It rang and rang but he wasn’t picking up. I began to feel scared.
“Did he find our about my plan?”

“Or he is with another lady? Or his wife?”
“Or..?? The f**k! Where did he put his phone?” I yelled in anger.

I tried his line for the last time and to my expectation, he picked up.
📲Harry where are you? It is 6pm already. You scared me.
📲 Back off b**CH. Why not try looking for your own husband. *angrily*

📲 Can you just give the owner back his property? *in anger*
📲 Well the owner is very busy sleeping peaceful in my arms. So I would advice you to go to that outing with your brother or rather still your father. *kissing him loudly*

I hung up feeling so hurt. So he is in her arms, can you imagine, he is kissing her!
How will he give her the phone to answer?

I sat on the couch feeling so teary, all these can just go to waste! I need him now!
I sent him a text saying:


I sent the message and stared at my phone expecting a response. A message popped into my phone saying:


“F**k you!!” I yelled throwing my phone across the living room in anger.

Go Sarah😋😋😋😋😋
I love you❤❤