Meet the Banyankole community where the aunt of the bride, sleeps with the groom before marriage

Africa is one of the continents of the world with diverse traditions. So many tribes with different ways which are most times absolutely shocking. However, there is one tribe in Uganda whose way of preparing its women for marriage differs completely from other African tribes.

Among the Banyankole tribe in Uganda, East Africa, children are the pride of a woman. she must have at least a child to earn a status among her people. The desire of most Banyankole women is not just to get married but to as well raise as many children as possible. It is probably because of this that the tribe leaves nothing to chance when it comes to authenticating the potency of a suitor at marriage.


It is said that the aunt of a niece would have to have sex with the groom to confirm that he is truly a man before he consummates his marriage

If the marriage is happening among families that are not particularly enthusiastic about upholding the cultural dictates, the aunt can just watch the groom’s first lovemaking to his wife or listen from close quarters.

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