Men pass through alot therefore if my son’s wives hurt them, I’ll show them how it is ~ Actress Omoni Oboli warns

By: Sarkolee / May 10th, 2022 / 48 views

Omobi Oboli, a Nollywood actress, has made a public service announcement to women who mistreat their partners, stating that she will not tolerate their excesses.

Men already face a lot in life, according to the mother of three boys, and some women ‘witches’ are adding to the difficulties.

Oboli claims that she is a sweet person who will treat her daughter-in-laws well, but that if they injure any of her sons, the Lion in her will be released.

She announced this on her Instagram story, emphasizing that her actions will surprise them.

She wrote this on her timeline :

Men are going through a lot too! Some women are witches! I’m a mom of boys. I’m the sweetest person.

My sons’ girlfriends and wives will enjoy me immensely but if you try to hurt my son, my sister in the lord! You will see a LION! E go shock you! #NoToDomestic Olence #GenderBasedViolence


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