Men with good intentions are boring ~ South African lady opens up

By: Sarkolee / May 29th, 2022 / 28 views

With an allegation she made on social media, a South African lady elicited conflicting reactions from social media users.

Men with excellent intentions, according to the young lady known on Twitter as @lonazatu, are boring to be around.

She used the microblogging platform to express herself.

Men with good intentions are boring yoh 🥲

Ladies who responded in the comment area held opposite viewpoints and advised her to speak for herself.


@Ziningi_Leo; Lord give me a boring man with good intentions, I’ll be fun for both of us


@SandraSteinSA; I know you just stating your preference but it’s girls like you that get us in trouble. However this is poison A young man confused right now will look at this tweet and choose to be a man without clear intentions as it’s Why?


much easier to fool around than be in a solid relationship. Then he will believe some girls like it. Deep down you don’t like pain you’re just poisoning the undecided young man and encouraging the grown man that is constantly making the wrong choices

@SthabisoBrian; Until she rich 40 years , single Mom with 3 kids from different Naughty boys…. She will be like; where are there Good men’s gone ….. I need someone who will love me with my children


@angel_mokhobo; I’m okay with men with good intentions but those ones that “don’t drink, smoke or party at all” boring is an understatement to define them.

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