Mistakes parents make

1. Overprotecting your children.
It is natural for children, as well as teenagers, to have conflicts with their peers. As parents, we cannot spend our lives resolving these arguments or differences. Our kids must learn to settle their differences with their peers with dignity and a positive attitude. Help your child weed out harmful relationships that don’t lead to anything good. Your youngster must learn how to choose and treat his or her friends in order to achieve emotional stability. If you try to eliminate risk from your children’s lives, you will foster arrogance, insolence and low self-esteem.
2.Coming to the rescue too quickly.
This mistake goes hand in hand with the previous one. Thirty years ago, young people had essential skills, but that is not the case with today’s generation. Nowadays parents step in much too quickly to solve their children’s problems, without giving the child or teen time to think of a solution on their own. We surround our children with excessive “care,” and take away the possibility of resolving difficult situations, thus ruining their decision-making skills.
The sad thing about this is that our children grow up expecting mom and dad to always come to their rescue. Take this into account, because this doesn’t happen in the real world. Running to their aid too quickly will make your son or daughter ill-prepared for being an adult.

3. Saying yes to everything
Avoid letting your child manipulate you. In life, he or she will have to overcome many obstacles, and pampering him or her too much might be detrimental. Therefore, learn to say NO. Next, your child needs to learn to fight for what he wants or needs. If you have more than one child, it’s common to reward them all at the same time, and that is confusing for them. When you do so, you miss the chance to show them that making an effort and behaving well reaps rewards. If one of your kids does something good, it’s unfair for you also to reward the one who did not.
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