Mohbad’s Father Clears Naira Marley’s Name in Son’s Death

By: / September 16th, 2023 / 136 views

Mohbad’s Father Clears Naira Marley’s Name in Son’s Death

Mohbad's Father Clears Naira Marley's Name in Son's Death

The unexpected and shocking passing of Nigerian musician Mohbad has continued to fuel several debates and theories in the entertainment sector.

One name that has constantly come up in talks as fans and internet users look for explanations for the circumstances surrounding his passing is that of Naira Marley, his former head of record label.

However, Mohbad’s father has just spoken out to refute these allegations and clarify the issue.

Mohbad’s father addressed these rumors in the interview with sight and offered explanations for his son’s tragic death.

He dispelled allegations that the musician may have been directly engaged by claiming that Naira Marley wasn’t with Mohbad when he passed away.

When questioned about the claims that his son was doing drugs, he admitted that he knew the claim was false because he had seen his son on the day it was made.

Online rumors and accusations have been rampant since Mohbad’s death, with some speculating that Naira Marley might have been involved in the tragedy.

A viral video that showed Sam Larry, a Naira Marley assistant, fighting with Mohbad added fuel to these allegations. A document that revealed a complaint Mohbad had made against Sam Larry appeared in Mores I, adding to the mystery.

Recall that Mohbad’s father had previously expressed the possibility that an injection given by an assistant nurse may have contributed to his son’s dying. The lingering debates over the real reason for Mohbad’s premature death are only complicated further by this.