Moment heavy flood swept off biker rider after he refused to let go his bike [video]

By: Sarkolee / October 24th, 2022 / 35 views

In a tragic occurrence, a commercial bike rider was washed away by flood in Oko Oba, Agege, Lagos because he refused to let go of his bike and save himself.

The man is seen in the video trying to navigate the flooded street while riding a bike behind two passengers.

As the bike descended farther into the water, the first passenger made the decision to leap off in order to save himself. The second passenger fell from the bike into the river shortly after, but he got to his feet.

Before the water current became too strong for man and machine and began sweeping them away, the bike rider persisted in moving through the flooded street, nevertheless.

He would not let go of his bike in an effort to save himself as the water took him away.

The man is being yelled at by onlookers to get off the bike.

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