Most of the people claiming to be actors and actress lacks formal training ~ Actor Afeez Oyetoro saka

By: Sarkolee / May 27th, 2022 / 131 views

Afeez Oyetoro, commonly known as Saka, a popular Nigerian comic actor, has spoken out about the value of acting training.

According to the actor in an interview with GoldMynetv, having talent is great, but you still need to go through training to refine your skills so you can use them better.

In the interview, he said :

Our profession has this little liberality in terms of performance. Because of the liberal nature of talents that is involved in creativity. A lot of believe that they can do it without being trained. But the truth is that talents without training is like raw material. A lot of people come out without any formal training and they claim to be actors, actresses, practitioners and all that.

They are also there but it shows that they are just raw materials in their performance. However, you really do not need to go to the university for the training.

Some people are born into the family of the practitioners and they grew up to learn it from their parents and they are doing well today. Whether formal or informal, there is a need for training to polish the talent to make it effectively utilized.

That is when the people will be able to recognize and acknowledge that you really have the talent. I think it is very important, no matter what. You need to be trained in whatever profession.

No matter the talents you have just know that talents minus training is equal to passable performance.

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