Mr Arrogant _ Episode 4

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Mr Arrogant episodic stories


(Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 4

By: Faith Lucky

Delaney’s Pov:
I’d slept for what felt like forever to me because after opening my eyes, I felt different and far.

I looked and discovered I was actually lying on the floor – on sand.

I squinted my eyes and stood up, feeling so tired.

Where was I? Could I still be in Marazona?

No….Marazona isn’t like this. And besides, I’m sure I’d have woken up in. A cell.

I stood up weakly and found a very big body of water in front of me.

Wow! It was almost like the stream we had in Marazona which was our source of water.

Hold on…

I was na”ked. I wasn’t putting on anything.

Where were my leaves? How did they fall off?

Where was I?

I touched my neck and took in a deep breath when I found the treasure still lying there. It was safe with me.

“Hey!” I suddenly heard someone call and turned to the direction of the voice.

It was a young woman – a young pretty woman. But she looked really really different.

I mean….she was putting on something that didn’t look like leaves, but they covered her body.

Her legs were on something….they weren’t touching the floor.

She looked really different. Who’s she?

“Hey! Are….Are you okay? What’s wrong?” She asked with some sort of concern in her eyes. I should be the one asking if she’s okay.

She’s looking really different.

“Young lady, what happened to you? Why’re you standing out na*ked? Were you raped? Huh?” She bubbled.

What’s rape?

“Where are your clothes?”. She asked again.

“I…I shouldn’t be na*ked, right?” I asked and she gave me a surprised stare.

“Well, of….of course. You shouldn’t be seen like this. What happened to you?”

“I knew it” I said with a nod.
‘I knew there was something wrong. I knew I shouldn’t be n*ked. I don’t know, but I can’t find my leaves”.

“Your leaves?” She asked with a crumpled look.
“What leaves are you talking about?”

“The…..The leaves I put on. Where did you get your leaves from? They look different” I replied and she moved away from me like I was insane or something.

“Um…..where am I? Is this Marazona? Or a different planet?” I asked and the confusion on her face increased.

“What’s Marazona?” She asked but I didn’t reply.

Now…I think I’m in a different planet. Yes – it has to be.

“You’re in America – and the planet is earth. Hold on…I think I need to get you to a hospital. Come on” she held my hand and started pulling me away.

“Wait…what’s an hospital? Are you trying to take me to the Queen?” I asked, confused and she also stopped to look at me.

“What’s your name?” She asked.

“De…Delaney” I said shyly.

“Delaney? Where do you come from?”

I hesitated a little on that. I can’t tell her the truth, can I?

“I um….actually, I’m from a place called Mar…..Marazona. But….I was sent away. And….had to come over here. Please, I’m really hungry. How do I get out of here? Is…is there something I can do?” I asked desperately and she gave me a cranky stare.

“Come with me. It’s not safe staying out here this way. When we’re in a safe place, we can talk. Come on’ she said as she held my hand and continued walking with me.

I touched my neck to be sure the necklace was still resting there.

Thank goodness.

So, I’m on earth? That means I’m free from Marazona.

The strange woman took me to something huge and looked like a house – but it was very different from the normal buildings in Marazona.

What sort of house Is this?

It was black, had four round things below it and the front part looked really strange and funny.

“Come on, get in. I’ll drive you home”, she said as she opened something from the house.

Huh?? Why was it at the entrance?

As soon as she opened it, it gave me access to see the inside.

I could see something that looked like seats in it.

“Is this your house? Do you live here?” I asked as I stared suspiciously at it and she scoffed.
“This is a car….not a house” she said and I pulled a confused look.

“A car?” I repeated.
“What’s car? Oh… mean you guys live in cars over here? And not houses?”

“What the….geez!” She itched her head and mumbled.

“Come on, come on. Just get in. As soon as we’re home, we’ll talk better” she said and pushed me in.


I got in and sat on the soft looking material.

Over there in Marazona, we sit on mats or hard wood. But here….I don’t even know understand.

She closed the whatever and I felt caged inside the house.

Then, she got in from the other side and started touching somethings in front of us.

What kind of house is this? And what’re all these things?

Suddenly, the house made a cranky noise which almost made me vibrate.

What’s that?????

I looked at her with dilated eyes and turning something in front of her, the house started moving.


“The house moves??” I asked in a shocked tone but she only looked at me and shook her head.

What kind of house moves???
Xavier’s mum;
Gosh! Who the hell is this lady?? I mean….where does she come from? And why do I have a feeling she might be mentally Unstable?

But she looks really pretty and doesn’t look dangerous. I can’t believe she was sta*k na*ked.

Well, as soon as we’re home, I’ll clean her up and ask her some questions to know what the heck happened to her. Then. I’ll know if I was to inform the police or not.

She kept looking through the window like an alien that I had to lock the door because I had a feeling she might open it and jump out of care isn’t taken.

I seriously couldn’t wait to know who she is.
Delaney’s Pov:

Everything here was so strange. I couldn’t believe a house was moving.

As I glued my hands and face to the window, I kept watching in amusement.

Soon, we came out to a very busy place and my eyes nearly popped out of it sockets.


They were so many people around!!

So many….different people

“Wait?!!!??” I suddenly screamed when I saw something alarming and the woman looked at me in shock.

“Hey!!! What’s wrong?” She asked as I glued my face to the glass.

I couldn’t explain it!

But there’s someone – someone very different. She didn’t look like a female.

She wasn’t having hair, her face was strong, she was…..

“Who’s that??? Why do they look different from us?”, I asked but she didn’t reply as she seemed confused.

Ahh! What’s there to be confused about???

They were looking different from females.

“Um….just stay calm, okay? We’ll soon be home” she said with a fake smile.

Yeah….I could tell it was fake

I tried opening going out because I really wanted to have a clear view of the strange females but couldn’t.

Why’s this house so different? I couldn’t leave the house.

Suddenly, she pressed something in front of us and the windows went dark.
She didn’t let me have a view from the window again and finally, the house stopped moving.

Oh…she said it was a *car* they live in cars over here.

“Stay here. I’ll get something to wrap you up”” she Said as she pushed a part of the house open and stepped out.
How did she do it?

I remained sitting in the house, not knowing what to do.
and after a short whole, she arrived, opening my own entrance.

She gave me a wide thing that looked like what she was putting on. Are you sure these are leaves?

No; I don’t think so.

She wrapped it around my body and got rid of my n*kedness.

“Come on now” she cooed as held my hand and brought me out of the house and my eyes beamed immediately.

‘What’s this???” I shrieked when I saw a very big house in front of me.


Is this an entire planet on its own?

“Hey! Will you keep I low? What’s wrong?” The woman beside me asked but I couldn’t understand what she meant.
I think she’s the one who doesn’t understand me.

The place was so big and ineffably beautiful.

I saw a lot of small small houses- what the woman had called car.

There were flowers – that were far more beautiful than the ones in Marazona.

Everything was so beautiful and looked like what we called *paradise*

“Where’s this place? Did you bring me to another planet?” I asked with a worried look and she chuckled.

“What the hell are you saying? This is my house”, she answered and I became more confused.

I turned back to the smaller house that had brought us there.

“I….I thought that was your house? Didn’t you say you live in cars(“,I puzzled.

“Oh! Goodness. Now, it’s confirmed. You’re an alien” she rolled her eyes and gripped my hand, leading me into the house.

She pushed a wood at the entrance and it granted us access into the *house*

Good saviors! How can just one person have a house as huge as this???

Even the Queen’s throne room isn’t this huge.

My lips were opened the entire time as she took me in.

For goodness sake! Why’s this place so beautiful???? How come of it??

I couldn’t even mention the things I saw cause they were things I’ve never seen or known – uncountable.
My eyes kept rotating and rotating and I didn’t even mind the pains. I was just confused of what to look.

A young lady came running out immediately.

“Ma’am” she called out to the woman with a bow

“You’re home. Do you need anything?”

“Yes. Just heat up the food so I can give it to her” she replied the lady who bowed and left.

Hmm. So respectful – just like the maids in Marazona.

I tried running away to touch something I’d found amusing, but the woman’s hand around me didn’t let me.

“Hey, hey. Come on, now. Come on” she said and dragged me away.

Goodness. There were so many things I wanted to touch. I just didn’t understand a lot of things that looked different. Why isn’t she letting me huh?

We were about leaving the first part of the room when I suddenly saw something that caught my massive attention and this time around, I didn’t let her grip around me hinder me as I wriggled my hand from hers and ran to the wall.

It was a very small wood with someone’s face fixed in it.

Someone that didn’t look like females…
Just like i’d seen on our way.

This particular person looked really…..beautiful.

But who’s she??? And why does she look different from us?

She wasn’t having a long hair, no bre*sts, a different facial structure. Something was just different and I’m soo confused.

“That’s my son” the woman beside me suddenly said and I looked at her, perplexed.

Son? What’s a son?
Hera’s Pov:
I bit my nails in nervousness as mother roared in the throne room.

“Noooooooooooooo” her voice came blaring around.
The guards were frozen to the teeth.

How the hell did she escape with the treasure??? How could she escape with something that valuable right under our nostrils??? How????” She snarled but no one uttered a word.

Well, when she’s this angry, nobody drags words with her.

“How did she escape?? Tell me!! I want all the guards on watch executed!!! The two guards assigned to her cell when it happened, I want them executed!!!” She yelled and they nodded.

“Yes, my queen”

“We need to find her?!?” She screamed again
“I can’t stay on the throne without the treasure. I need it!!! Wherever she is, I need you to find her!!!”

“But my queen” the chief guard spoke up.
“I don’t think she’s in Marazona. Because we’ve combed round the entire kingdom, but couldn’t find her”.

“Then, where’s She???????????”

“Its….It’s possible she’s gone to the nearest planet for refuge. The nearest and survivable planet to Marazona is earth. So, it’s possible she’s on earth”. He replied and my eyes twitched.


My dream land….

Delaney is very funny 🤣
Who is getting ready for more drama? 😂😂😂