Mr Arrogant – Episode 24

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Mr Arrogant episodic stories


(Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 24

By: Faith Lucky

Xavier’s pov
I kept my phone back in my pocket because of the noise I heard, ahead of me.

I strained my neck to look at what exactly is going on.

My eyes snapped widely opened as I saw a girl that looks exactly just like Delaney.

“Stop the car!” I ordered hurriedly.
My chaffeur stopped the car and without waiting for him to open my car door, I hurriedly alighted.

I ran to the scene and to my utmost surprise and shock, I saw Delaney up at a bill board where my picture was hung.

I actually modelled for a particular brand and the brand has been moving quite great.

And now, Delaney is up there?
Doing what exactly?

Oh God!
Where on Earth is this girl from?

Why’s she always causing commotions?

I panicked as I still stared at her, not knowing exactly what to do.

She hasn’t noticed my presence yet.

The gathering was too much and some persons were laughing, taking pictures and videoing the scene.

She looked totally crazy and stupid.

And she was just wearing a short and a shirt.
Her hair wasn’t even packed and it flew around in different directions.

Where did mom get such a girl from?

“Xavier?” She suddenly called as our gazes finally met.

Other persons who were in the scene turned and they started taking pictures of me.


Some of the teenagers were squealing happily and trying to get closer to me but my chaffeur was already trying to control them.

“Can you please find a way for that girl to come down from that place?” I groaned silently to my chaffeur.

“Okay sir.” He answered and walked towards Delaney.

I shrugged and started towards my car ignoring the squealing teenagers.

If I was in a good mood, I’d have volunteered to take pictures with them, one after the other but today, I’m in no good mood.

In fact, I feel embarrassed, so damn embarrassed.

Few minutes later, my chaffeur came with Delaney who had a guilty countenance on.

I hissed loudly and rolled my eyes.

“Get into the car!” I snapped angrily, as she continued to stand beside the car door.

She was acting all innocent.

She jolted and hurriedly got into the car.

I was so vexed that I felt like hitting something.

“Xavier?” She called softly and turned to face me.

I glared daggers at her and she had no choice than to clamp her mouth shut and swallow whatever words she was gonna say.

“Don’t open your mouth to utter any word till we get home!” I ordered sternly.

She nodded her head and bit her lower lip.

She fondled childishly with the hem of her shirt.

Damn! I won’t lie, she looked so cute and adorable.

But I’m still mad at her and I’m definitely gonna unleash my anger on her when we get home.


“Delaney!” Mom squealed and ran to hug Delaney.

I rolled my eyes and watched them reunite like a mother welcoming her lost daughter.

Obviously, she was lost!

“Where did you go? I asked the maids about you and they said they had no idea about your whereabouts and they didn’t see you leave with Xavier earlier.

I was so worried about you Laney.” Mom rushed her words and at the same time, touched all part of her body, probably looking for an injury or something.

“I suddenly became invisible to my own mother.” I rolled my eyes and watched them keenly.

“Oh son! I’m sorry.” Mom apologized and kissed my cheeks.

“You know, Laney doesn’t know anywhere around and I was scared she might have gone missing.” Mom explained.

“Mom, she has explanations to give. She’s really getting out of hand mom and I’m afraid that she might cause us trouble one day.” I sighed and glared at Delaney.

“What did she do son?” Mom asked.

“You can go ahead and ask your beloved daughter. She’d definitely have a better explanation to tell.” I told her while Delaney bent her head guiltily.

“But let me just brief you. Your daughter climbed up in a bill board and she was trying to bring it down because it had my picture on it.

You can imagine the embarrassment!” I groaned and started for the stairs.

“What?” Mom asked.

“You can get the full details from her.” I called out and hurriedly climbed the stairs.

Eish! That girl annoys me so much.

I haven’t fully gotten over the spaghetti episode and now another?


Delaney’s pov
“You did what Delaney?” Xavier’s mom yelled disbelievingly.

“I’m sorry.” I bit my lips, feeling so guilty.

“Why would you even leave the house in the first place?” She asked and placed her hands on her waist.

“I was bored and I thought there was no harm in going out. I didn’t think I’ll lost my way around.” I pouted.

“Really? Then why did you climb up the bill board and tried removing Xavier’s picture?” She asked and stared intently at me.

“I thought he was stolen. I never had the idea that it was just a bill board and it’s supposed to be there.” I sighed lowly.

“Oh my Delaney! When will you learn?” She asked.

“I’m sorry.” I pouted childishly.

“It’s fine. I just hope that with time you’ll learn.” She smiled lightly and hugged me. I hugged her back by wrapping my arms around her.

I’m glad she isn’t mad at me.


Delaney’s pov
Xavier forgave me and told me he wasn’t mad at me again.

At school, I’ve improved a bit because even Xavier said so.

Brielle– I finally got her name and whom I think is the leader of the B3 girls, gave me her birthday card.

My intention was to throw the card away and not attend the birthday party.

But surprisingly, Xavier told me he was invited to the same party and his mom told me to go with him because she didn’t want to risk leaving me alone at home.

Xavier grumbled but he eventually agreed.

I wanted to decline but Xavier’s mom pleading eyes made me keep shut.

She really wants me to attend the party with Xavier.
The D-day finally came for the party but unfortunately, Xavier’s mum wasn’t at home at the moment.

“Delaney! Delaney!” I heard Xavier call as I walked out of the kitchen where I’d gone to take some milk.

“Yes?” I replied when we came face to face with each other and his eyes dimmed.

“What the….you still aren’t dressed up???” He exclaimed and I bit my nails.

“Well…I’m sorry, but….”

“Gosh! You know what? You’ll just have to catch up with me, okay? I’m in a hurry and need to branch somewhere before the party and I’m running pretty late already. So, when you’re done, you go to the party and we’ll meet up there” he said hurriedly.


“B…But, I don’t know the way to the….”

“Yeah, don’t worry about that. As soon as you’re done dressing, go out to the car, you’ll find a driver beside it. Just get in and he’ll take you to the party. He knows the road, okay?” He said with an eye roll and before I could make another complaint, he rushed out.

Oh boy! I can’t believe he left without me.


I sighed and returned to my room so I could get dressed.

First, I took a shower and when I was done, I became confused if what to wear.

There were so many clothes staring at me but I didn’t know which to chose.

Xavier,’s mum had always been the one dressing me up.

Well, I guess I’d have to learn now.

I started rifling through the numerous clothes, checking them bit by bit.

I saw a blue pair of trousers – yeah. Xavier’s mum calls them trousers.

I wore it on and continued searching. I found a skirt and admired it. Hm. Beautiful.

I smiled and wore it on the trouser.

Now…my chest.

First, I wore a “bra” as Xavier’s mum had called and taught me how to wear it.

After fixing it on my b**bs, I looked for a shirt and picked something that looked like cardigan – just like Xavier’s mum had described it.

I wore it on and woah!!! It was quite big on me.

Hm. But nice.

I took the new hat Xavier’s mum had bought for me and wore it on my head.

Then, I rounded it up with a pair of canvas on my legs.

Oh my geeeee! I did it!! I dressed myself up!!!

I rushed to the mirror and giggled at my pretty image. I was so proud of myself.

And without wasting any more time, I left the room.

I walked out to where Xavier said the car will be waiting and there I found it with a man beside it.

“Are you the driver?” I asked, wondering why he was staring at me – strangely.

“Uh…yes ma’am. I…I…i am” he stuttered,roaming his eyes around me.

Hmph. What’s wrong with him?

“Okay. You know where to take me right?” I asked.

“To…to…to the party?” He stuttered again.

“Exactly!!” I exclaimed and made to open the door of the car.

“Hold on ma’am” he called back my attention.

“Y…you’re going to the party like this?”

“Well, of course. Is there something wrong?” I asked and looked at myself from chest to toe.
He didn’t reply.

Hm. He’s probably jealous.

“I don’t have much time, okay? Let’s go” I said and finally walked into the car and he also got in and zoomed off.

Delaney’s pov
As the driver drove along the road, I noticed that he’d steal glances at me and chuckle.

Okay, what the hell is wrong with this driver?

“Driver, why are you stealing glances at me and making funny sounds. Is there something on my face?” I asked, feeling quite uncomfortable with his behaviour.

“No, no, ma’am.” He chuckled softly.

I rolled my eyes and focused on watching other moving cars.

“Are we here already?” I asked the driver as I noticed him drive into a big house, just like Xavier’s but Xavier’s is bigger and finer.

“Yes ma’am. This is the place.” The driver replied.

He finally stopped where other cars stopped too.

Before I could alight, he already alighted and opened the door for me.

I smiled lightly at him and alighted gracefully.

“So, am I supposed to stand here or what?” I asked, as I surveyed the house.

Wow! Absolute breathtaking!

“No ma’am. You’ll just have to go inside, where the party is being hosted.” The driver replied.

“Oh! Okay.” I mouthed, suddenly feeling nervous.

The driver and I started walking towards the entrance of the house.

We hadn’t even stepped in when Brielle bumped into us.

“Oh my! I’m sorry.” I apologized as Brielle got back her stamina.

Her eyes suddenly snapped opened in shock as her eyes travelled around my body.

Then, she surprised me by bursting into an hysterical laughter.

I looked at my chest down to my toes and I didn’t see anything that’s making her laugh like an insane person.

What’s funny?

“Hey, why are you laughing?” I asked, feeling a little pissed.

“Oh, so sorry. Forgive my… Manners.” She chuckled– a mocking one.

“Really?” I scoffed sarcastically.

“What is wrong? Is there something on my face?” I asked and I was almost forced to hiss angrily at her.

“Why are you dressed like this?” She asked, with a glint of sarcasm in her voice.

First it was the driver and now, Brielle?

“What’s wrong with my dressing? If you don’t want me here, I will kindly leave.” I rolled my eyes and placed my hand on my waist.

“I’m so sorry Delaney. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your dressing. In fact, you look stunning and I’m sure you’re gonna be the center of attraction in this party because of your beauty.” She smiled– but I could still tell that she wasn’t being sincere.
She still had a glint of mockery in her voice. But I decided to ignore her and accept the compliment.

“Thank you. I was starting to feel that I didn’t dress well or something was on my face that I didn’t know about.” I sighed and rolled my eyes.

“I was just teasing you. There’s nothing wrong in whatever you wore.” She smiled and placed her hand around my shoulders.

“You can leave now. I’ll just wait for Xavier and we’ll go home together.” I told the driver, who was standing and listening to us, all this time.

“Okay ma’am.” He bowed and left.

“Let’s go in then.” Brielle smiled and we both started towards the door.

“By the way, nice hat and canvas you got.” She smiled but she sounded sarcastic.

Just briefly that I’ve got to know her, I’ve come to know that she isn’t genuine.

Everything about her seems fake.

I forced a tight lip smile at her and nodded my head.

We finally got inside the bug house and I was really awed by the beauty of it.

The lights were dim and of different colours.

Loud music was playing in the background and different bodies were in the middle and every corner of the sitting room.

Most of the persons I guess, were my grade mates even though, I don’t really know most of them or even talked to them.

“So, welcome to my birthday party Delaney.” She giggled and removed her hand from my shoulder.

I didn’t reply her as my eyes roamed around the people.

I was searching for just one person and I couldn’t wait to set my eyes on him; Xavier.

I still couldn’t find him amongst the people and I wondered if he wasn’t here yet.

“C’mon, let me introduce you to my friends.” Brielle beckoned on me.

I breathed in and out and trailed behind her.

I noticed people looking weirdly at me, like I’m sort of weirdo or something.

There are attentions were suddenly focused on me and some of them starting giggling while others laughed out loud.

I suddenly felt embarrassed and at the same time, pissed.

What exactly was making them laugh at me?

Don’t I look pretty enough?

I’m sure there is nothing smeared on my face because, I had double checked my appearance before leaving.

So, why exactly are they laughing at me?


“So, Delaney, this is Jessica and she’s my cousin and she’s based in France but she came down here because of my birthday.” Brielle introduced pridefully with a smile.

I stared at the red hair girl who looks like an ostrich.

She wore a pair of glasses on and at just mere looking at her, I disliked her.

She was trying hard not to laugh as she eyed my dressing.

She whispered something I didn’t hear to Brielle and they both giggled.

“It’s nice meeting you Delaney, I’ve heard so much about you.” She laughed lightly and stretched out her hand for an handshake.

“Yeah.” And then, it occurred to me that she knows my name.

What the hell!

How did she…?

“How did you know my name?” I asked and stared intently at her.

“Oh! I’ve heard so much about you from Brielle.” She laughed nervously and took a quick glance at Brielle.

“So much about me? But Brielle and I haven’t talked very well.

We just met briefly and she invited me for her birthday party. So, how come she’s told you so much about me?” I inquired, baffled.

“Oh c’mon Delaney! You ask too many questions.” Brielle said and smiled.

She looked at Jessica and Jessica nodded her head and walked away.

Why do I smell something fishy?
“Let’s go Delaney, there are other persons I’ll like you to meet.” She smiled and pulled me along with her.


Brielle left me to go attend to other guests and I was left alone.

I kept looking around to see if I’ll see Xavier but I still didn’t see him.

What’s wrong?
Isn’t he coming to the party?

A man in a very decent dressing pass by with about three glass cups with water in it.

My throat was dried and I beckoned on him.

I took two glass cups from the small tray he was holding.

He looked at me weirdly and he was about saying something but he kept shut.

I ignored him and gulped it down in one goal.

Oh my!
It burned my throat and I had to gasped.

It didn’t taste like water but it tasted sweet.

I licked my lips in relish and gulped down the second glass of the strange water.

Oh my! It tasted so sweet.

I suddenly craved for more.

Another guy dressed as the first guy came passing by too, with about four glass in his tray.

I beckoned on him and he offered me one of the glasses.

“I want everything.” I smacked my lips tentatively.

“Huh?” He asked, popping out his blue eyes like I’ve grown some strange wings.

“I want the four glasses. It really tasted sweet.” I laughed crazily.

“You’re sure ma’am?” He asked and stared from the water to me.

“Yeah. Give to me. It’s really so sweet.” I pouted.

When he saw there wasn’t any need arguing with me and we were about causing a scene, he gave me the tray, shook his head and left.

I clapped happily and chung down the first glass and then the second, third and the fourth.

My head was already heavy and I felt woozy.

I wasn’t aware of my surroundings any longer.


Xavier’s pov
I walked into Brielle’s mansion and sighed.

I’ve been caught up in traffic and that was why I was late.

Rio and Chelsea were beside me as we stepped into the house.

I noticed a gathering in a particular spot and I knew something was going on.

I walked hastily towards the gathering and to my greatest surprise, I saw Delaney.

She was on top of the table where a huge cake, I guess is for Brielle was kept.

She was dancing crazily even without any music.

Brielle tried to make her come down but unexpectedly, Delaney pulled her canvas and threw it Brielle– making it hit her hard on her forehead.

Brielle winced and backed away.

Delaney was saying gibberish and she looked waisted– obviously drunk.

She pulled her other canvas and threw at a bartender but he was quick to dodge it.

She laughed crazily and danced crazily on the table.

Brielle went towards the table with a bartender at the front.

The bartender tried carrying the cake away so it won’t fall but Delaney shook the table which made him move back.

I scratched my hair and thought of what to do to make her come down before she’ll fall the cake.

Brielle stylishly went towards her and before she could carry the cake, Delaney puked on it.

Eww, gross!

The people gathered all gasped loudly as they stared at the already ruined cake.

“What the fuck! Come down!” Brielle cried out.

A guard was able to hold Delaney. And as they were about bringing her down, she tilted her head, laughed and puked all over Brielle, from her hair down to her shirt!


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