Mr Arrogant – Episode 28

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Arrogant 💓
(Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 28

By: Faith Lucky

Alicia’s pov
After the incident that happened– when I showed mom the picture, she suddenly looked depressed, like she was trying hard to fight some demons.

She wouldn’t talk to me including grandma– she wouldn’t talk to either of us.

I suddenly felt sad and guilty because perhaps, showing her the picture brought back bad memories.

I’ve never seen mom being sad and withdrawn the way she is presently.

She’d go to work in the morning before even grandma or I would even be awake and return back at night when grandma and I would have gone to bed.

She barely eat and the day I had gotten to fortunately meet her before she left for work, she already emaciated and she looked pale too.

What’s eating mom up, that I don’t know.

“What do you think is wrong with your mother? She’s been acting weird these days and she wouldn’t even talk to me.

Do you have any idea what exactly is wrong with her?” Grandma asked worriedly as we sat on the dinning table eating dinner without mom.

I cleared my throat and drank a little from my water, before turning to look at my grandma.

I know there’d be no use lying to her. She needs to at least know what I think has to do with mom’s recent behaviour.

I might not be entirely right about mom acting that way because of the picture, but I think it has to do with that picture.

There’s something she isn’t telling me and I won’t force her about it.

“Well grandma, two, or three days ago– can’t really remember exactly when, I wanted to clean mom’s dusty drawer and in the process of bringing out some papers, a picture fell off.

I picked it up and it was the picture of mom and a man– I think I know, or maybe I’m sure he is the one, the way they had posed and held themselves, I could tell instantly that they were probably lovers.

The guy actually looks just like my grade mate father mom and I bumped into some weeks back.

And when mom returned back home, I confronted her but she was angry.

I asked her if the guy was my father but she was really angry.

She took the picture with her and left the kitchen.

And that was it. Since then, I think she started being this way because of what perhaps the picture held– the memories.

I feel sad grandma, because I’m the reason mom’s acting this way.” I explained and bursted into hot tears.

“Shuu Alicia, don’t blame yourself. If really perhaps the picture has to do with your mom’s recent behaviour, she’d definitely come around.

Don’t feel sad because you didn’t do anything wrong.” Grandma cooed and walked to my seat. She wrapped her arms around my neck: behind me and kissed my hair.

“Thank you grandma. I feel at peace a little because of your kind words.

I just hope mom would come around because I haven’t seen her this way before.” I sniffed in my tears and wrapped my hands on her arms around my neck.

“It’s okay, stop crying and eat your food.” She patted my back and went back to her seat.

I nodded my head and went back to my meal, but this time, I didn’t have much appetite, I just forced myself to eat it.


“I’m sorry mom, I’m really sorry if I made you angry because of the picture I showed to you. I don’t like seeing you like this.

I missed your lively self. I’m really sorry.” I apologized, with my hands clasped together and with a sad puppy face.

“I’m not angry with you Alicia. And I’m sorry for shutting you out because of something that didn’t really worth it.” Mom smiled and pulled me into a big hug.

“Thank you mom. I love you.”
“I love you too.”


Delaney’s pov
School was normal as usual. I haven’t had any friends yet– just Rio.

He’s nice and he joins us to eat during lunch.

Chelsea still glares at me and this time around, I noticed her smirk has grown wider.

She always wore this triumphant look anytime our gazes lock.

But she’s the least of my problems. I do t give a damn to her.

After closing, Xavier said he wanted to ride with Rio because they would be going out. I was left alone to go home with the driver while Chelsea went home with her car.

As the driver drove me home, I left my mind to wander around because the ride was boring with no Xavier to steal glances at and watch him secretly operating his phone.

I thought of the birthday party.

The incident at the pool, I’m very sure someone pushed me but why?

I didn’t even know if the person was a male or female and I couldn’t get even a glimpse of the person.


I took my bath and wore the clothes that were already placed on my bed.

A short– as Xavier’s mom had called it and what I think it’s a tank top.

I packed my hair in a loose ponytail and went downstairs.

After eating lunch, I got super bored.

Xavier wasn’t home yet neither was his mom home yet too.

I decided to go out of the house for a while and return back.

I suddenly thought of what happened the other day I went out alone, but the boredom wouldn’t allow me to stay in such a huge house alone.

I got outside the house and I started walking, heading to wherever my mind leads me too.


Xavier’s pov
“Really Xavier, you really need to start being nice to Delaney. That girl is so beautiful and I like her innocence.

She isn’t like other girls that would flock around you like bees.

She’s totally different and you should hold on to her tightly before she’d be snatched away from you.

You should put aside your grumpy attitude and bring out that nice personality.” Rio smiled– but I knew he was damn serious.

I don’t really get why he’s suddenly advising me concerning Delaney when he doesn’t believe in relationship and love– just like me.

Is he interested in her?
No, I don’t want to believe so.

“Why are suddenly concerned about how my relationship with Delaney is? It’s none of your business if I’m being grumpy to her or being rude.

And just so you know, she’s not my type.” I scoffed and chung down my whiskey.

He shook his head and glared at me.


Delaney’s pov
I continued walking around, having no where particular in mind.

I stared around the the tall big houses and also big cars.

This route is definitely different from the route I took when I went out the other day.

I sighed softly as I continued to gaze around.

As I continued to walk, I took my gaze to different directions– not really paying attention to the direction I was headed– not as if I’ve got any direction in mind.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” I heard a loud angry voice and before I could turn to see who the angry voice was referring to, I already bumped into someone.

My mouth flew opened in shock as I stared at her spilled items on the floor.

Most of the items were already ruined and it littered the whole floor.

I didn’t really know all the items but I still know a few.

A can of milk was already bursted and it’s content already spilled on the floor.

An apple which was already divided into two parts because of maybe how hard it fell.

Other items I didn’t know we’re on the floor.

“Are you blind? You’ve ruined my stuff’s and you’re gonna pay for it!” The woman, who I had spilled her items, yelled angrily at me.

We were already causing a scene and I was so scared.

I didn’t even have any money on me to pay.

She looked angry as she stared at me.

I gulped down nervously, “please ma’am, I’m sorry. I wasn’t watching were exactly I was going to and I’m sorry I made you drop your items so hard on the floor that most stuff’s got ruined.

“Your filthy sorry wouldn’t be enough! You’re gonna pay for the damages you caused.” The woman snapped angrily and gripped me roughly by my arm.

“But ma’am, I don’t have any money with me to pay for the damages I caused you.” I begged politely.

“I don’t care! You’re gonna call any of your guardians or parents!” The woman yelled and it took her patient for her not to have smack me hard on my face.

I sighed and thought of what to do.


Xavier’s pov

“Seriously mom? Again? What the hell is wrong with that girl?” I rasped angrily over the phone.

“Please son, I’m not done with work and I want you to go help her out, please.

The woman already explained everything to me and it’s just for you to pay her back. And bring Delaney home.” Mom sighed.

“Okay mom. I’m doing this because of you.” I grumbled lightly.

“Thank you son, I love you.” She made kisses sounds.

“Love you too mom.”

I hurriedly got down the stairs with my keys with me.

I got to the garage and went for my motorbike.

I wore my helmet and climbed on it, I ignited it and drove off speedily along the road.

Mom already texted me the place Delaney and the woman were.

I’m so gonna deal with that girl!

Mom’s gonna take her out of the house today and it’s final!

She should go back to where she’s from.

She’s given us more headache and caused us nothing but trouble.


I wonder the planet she fell from that she’s always acting annoyingly.


Delaney’s pov
I breathed a sigh of relief as Xavier walked up to us.

He looked angry and I had to bend my head in guilt.

I felt so foolish.

He talked briefly with the woman and paid for the damages I made.

He started walking away and without being told, I hastily walked behind him, with my chest thumping loudly out of how nervous I felt.

Xavier really looked dangerously angry and it scared the hell out of me.

What will he do to me?
Hit me?

Or will I be sent out of the house?

I was really worried and tried my best to think optimistic.

I actually had Xavier’s mom number off head, Xavier’s mom asked me to learn it because of what happened the other time.

And I was glad I remembered it and then, I gave the woman the number and she put a call across Xavier’s mom but she assured me that she’s gonna send Xavier to come help me because she was still busy.

“Xavier…” I called but his burning glare made me keep shut.

I looked at what he had gotten on top and I was confused.

This was totally different from other cars I’ve seen

What kind of a car is this?

“Won’t you climb on it? Or you’re gonna just stand there looking liking a fool.” He rolled his eyes.

I was so confused as I continued to stare strangely at the car but this car was opened and it isn’t as big a the car at the house.

“C’mon Delaney, hurry up and climb in.” He groused angrily as he carried what looked like a calabash and wore it on his head– a beautiful calabash.

“Where should I seat?” I asked.

“Seat on my head!” He snapped.

“On your head? But if I seat on your head, how will you drive your opened car?” I asked, perplexed.


So, Delaney wants to really seat on Xavier’s head? 😂

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