Mr Arrogant – Episode 8

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Mr Arrogant episodic stories


(Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 8

By: Faith Lucky

Delaney’s Pov:
I tried as much as possible not to make any sound as I laid in the moving house.

Oh; the car.

“So… Your mother’s gonna be adopting the strange lady?” I heard his friend ask.

“Yeah…and that’s so yuck? I seriously don’t get what’s wrong with mum. Did you see that lady? She’s an alien, dude. She actually broke the television, claiming she saw people moving in them. What the heck???” The son replied, making his friend laugh.

So, they were talking about me?

“But seriously, I think she’s damn beautiful” his friend said and I felt my cheeks become hot.

“Who’s beautiful? With that long dirty hair of hers? She can’t even….”

“Oh! Cut it out, Xavier. She’s pretty and you know it. You’re just being grumpy”.

“Yeah…whatever. But you know me, Rio. I hate it when I’m stuck with a particular lady. I’m a playboy and I hate…..”

“Yeah…Whatever. Tell that to your mum”.

I heard laughter and they began talking about something else which made me feel better.

So, he hates my presence in the house?

If only I had an option. But, thinking of it, for how long would I need to stay with them? What if people from Marazkna were already looking for me?

I paused and touched the treasure on my neck. Well, there’s Noway I’m ever letting go of it.

Its my own way of punishing the Queen for her cruelty.
After a long while, I felt the car stop moving.

Are we there already?

“Time for fun!” I heard the son say and next were sound of doors opening.

I remained still and quiet in the car till I couldn’t hear a sound anymore.
Xavier’s Pov:
I got out of car with Rio and walked towards the house. It was actually a little birthday party from a classmate.

Although, her parents were rich, she didn’t want to celebrate it in a big way but just decided to hold a little house party for us.

As expected, I was invited.

Well, if Xavier Maddox isn’t in a party, its useless.

“He’s here!!!” The ladies exclaimed as soon as they spotted Rio and I.


Mitchell – the celebrant – stood up immediately and ran to me.

“Oh! Xavier…I was beginning to think you wouldn’t show up anymore. Thank goodness you made it” she giggled.

‘Yeah….anything for my birthday girl. Happy birthday” I cooed and pecked her and her cheeks became red instantly.

Hm. I couldn’t wait to screw that ass.

I looked around but couldn’t find Chelsea. Didn’t she attend?

“Hello Xavier” more greetings kept coming in as Rio and I settled down.

Even the boys present gave me respect.

“So, what do we have for fun?” One of them asked and immediately, a loud music was turned on, resulting to a massive dance floor.
Delaney’s Pov:
After staying in the car for a long time and making sure they weren’t around anymore, I opened the door and stepped out.

Wow! My waist was hurting like hell.

I stretched and looked around, I was in a different house and heard a loud sound from a particular direction.

So…now, I’m here. What’s next?

I looked around and became really confused, not knowing what else to do.

Maybe, I should check out the direction of the loud sound.

I started walking towards it, making sure my steps were slow and soundless.

As I got closer, the sound became clearer.

And finally, I found them.

Huh? There were so many of them – boys and girls.

I made sure I was well hidden behind a wall as I watched them dance and do strange things.

they seemed to be having fun.

I spotted the son – what’s his name again?

A girl was sitting on his legs, while he drank noisily.

And suddenly, I saw something else – I saw a boy and a girl placing their lips on each other. Huh? What’re they doing??

They were both….sucking each other’s lips.

What the….

What’re they doing??

I made a crumpled look as I stared at them. It looked really gross. Why would they be s**king each other’s lips huh?

I watched them for a long time and after a while, decided to go elsewhere.

Maybe, I should just take a look outside.

I started looking around for an exit and found a tall wall – a fence.

I climbed on it and successfully got outside. Wow! But it was so dark.

Where do I start from?

I marked the building properly so I’d be able to find my way back and with that, I started walking away.

I walked for a long time and finally came out to a busy place.

Good saviors!! It was sooo beautiful.

I stood on a fixed point and admired the Paradise. Was earth really this beautiful???

Holy goodness……

I opened my mouth in shock as I stared at the different lights, people and event.

So many things to try out!!!

I tried running to a particular direction, but suddenly, a car from nowhere flashed lights at me and was on the verge of hitting me when I screamed and fell on the floor.

Thank goodness the car stopped immediately.

What the hell????

I lifted my head to the car and saw a pretty woman running out from it.

“Hey! I’m so sorry. Were you hurt?” She asked as she rushed to me and helped me from the floor.

Wow! She was so beautiful.

“Oh, dearie. Why weren’t you careful? Did you get hurt?” She asked again, holding my hand.

“I’m….I’m fine” I replied and fred my hand from hers.

I checked myself to be sure I wasn’t bruised in anyway.

“What’re you doing out here dressed like this? And why were you running?” She asked and I pondered.

What’s wrong with my dress?

I paused and looked at my knee.
I can’t see what’s wrong with my dress. Isn’t this the kind of leaves they make use of?

Something started ringing from her bag immediately.

“Um….I need to leave now, okay? Just stay out of trouble and go home? Okay?” She said briskly and I just nodded as she hurried back to her car.

I watched keenly as she opened the door and went in, then moved the car afterwards and a smile touched my lips.

Gosh! She was soo beautiful.

I stood like a statue and watched the car until it’d gotten lost and couldn’t be spotted anymore and then, I came back to my senses.


I was about walking away when I noticed something different about me.

I gasped and touched my neck.

It was empty.


The treasure!!!

Where is it???
Xavier’s Pov:
I excused myself from the party and reached for my phone so I could call Chelsea. I just wanted to be sure she was fine.

I walked to a more quiet place before placing the call and after a few beeps, she picked up.

“Hello?” She called on the phone, like she didn’t know i was the one calling or something.

“Chelsea?” I also called.
“Hey; what’s up?”

“I’m….I’m fine” she replied, sounding a little cold.

“Um…where are you?” I asked.

“At home”.

“Oh! Why didn’t you come for Mitchell’s party?”

There was a brief silence.

“I just….I’m…I’m tired and having a little head ache”.

“Oh! Is it that serious?”

“No; no. Not really. I’ll be fine, please. Don’t worry about it”.

“Okay then. You know….its so unlike you to miss parties. So,I was just wondering if there was a problem”.

“No, not at all. I’m fine. Um….don’t worry about it. I’ll come over in the morning so we could leave for school together. What do you think?”

“Hmmm. That’d be great. You know I don’t have a problem with that. Just take care of yourself, okay?”

“Of course. Enjoy the party. Bye Xavier”.


And I ended the call with a smile.

Hmm. At least, my conscience can be clear a bit.

Now….its time to screw some bi*ches. Mitchell was already waiting for me in her room.

I fixed the phone into my pocket and was about walking away when a call came in and I brought it out to see it was mum.


“Hello?” I said on the phone as soon as I picked the call.

“Xavier. Where are you?” She asked immediately, not replying to my greeting.

“I’m…at the party. I told you about it, right?” I replied.

“Yes. Hold on….is Delaney with you?” She asked and I flinched.

“Who’s Delaney? Wait….the alien?” I scoffed.

“Yes. You know her,, Xavier. Is she there with you?” She asked.

“And why the heck would she be with me? Of course, she isn’t, mum. Gosh!”

“Huh?? She isn’t there with you?? Then where’s she? I can’t find her at home, Xavier. None of the maids had seen either. Where’s she?”

For a moment, I was stunned.

“Woahh! Well….I guess she’s probably returned to her alien world” I said with an eye roll.

“This isn’t a joke, Xavier. She’s new around here. How’re we sure she’s safe? What could’ve happened to her?”

“Well….I’ve got no idea, mum. Maybe…”

“Are you sure she didn’t go out with you?”

“Hell no. Rio was the only person that left the house with me. Listen, don’t worry about it,mum. Besides, you don’t even know her from Adam, right? You just get to meet her for the first ball today. So, its possible she’s ran off already. Just let it be,okay?”

She sighed despondently.
“I just….I just feel uncomfortable, Xavier. Why would she just leave the house for no reason?” She asked but I didn’t say a word.

I don’t get why’s she so worried over a stranger.

“I..I need to look for her’ she finally said and ended the call.


I sighed and fixed my phone into my pocket, going to meet my a*s
Alicia’s Pov:
“Alicia! Alicia!!” Mum yelled my name as I clumped down the ugly creaky steps.

“What is it, mum? Why’re you screaming my name like it’s for sale?” I said with an eye roll as I finally met her in the sitting room.

Grandma was there as well, doing what she knew how to do best with her needle and thread.

“Have you gone nuts?” Mum snapped.

“Anyway, what happened to the money in my bag? I can’t find it anymore” she and I itched my hair.

“I don’t get. Why’re you asking me, huh? Its not like I’m a bag security or something….”

“Will you shut that trap of yours and answer my question?? What happened to the money??? It was here some hours ago. But as soon as you came home, its gone. What happened to it??” She half yelled and I placed my hand at akimbo.

“Well….I have no idea. Although, I was in need of some cash and I remember asking you for it, but you bluntly said you weren’t having anything on you. So….”

Before I could finish up my statement, she picked up and shoe and threw it at me.


Luckily, I missed and started towards the door.

“Alicia!! Alicia!! I’m gonna cut off your ears!” She yelled as she ran after me, but I didn’t let her get me.

I ran as fast as I could, out of the house, out of the compound and out to to street and that was when she stopped chasing me.

Holy Mary!! My chest!!

I placed my palm on my chest and panted heavily as I stood at a dark corner, when I was sure she wasn’t after me.

What a mother. Gosh!!
If I didn’t act that way, I’d have been looking like a lunatic.

Well, what do I expect? Having such a lazy mother who acts like she’s 19?

I itched my head and took in deep breaths. I couldn’t recall the last time I’d ran this much.

I was about walking away when I saw something that gripped my attention from the floor.

I arched my brows and picked it up.

It was a pretty necklace….yeah..looked like a necklace.

And it looked really…..special and different.

What’s this?
Love you all💋💋💋

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