Mr Arrogant – Episode 9

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Mr Arrogant episodic stories


(Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 9

By: Faith Lucky

Delaney’s Pov:
I rushed back to the fence I’d jumped out from.

Oh! Delaney; I just pray I find it.

On the way, I kept looking at the floor, but there was no sign of it until I’d gotten to the fence.

I searched and searched around, but still couldn’t find it. It wasn’t on the floor.

Good saviors! Where could it be?

Luckily, I found a lady close by. She was just standing and staring at me and I went ahead to meet her.

“Um….hi. Did you…any chance, see something on the floor?” I asked and she gave me an uncanny stare.

“Wh….What’s that?” She arched her brows and asked and I looked around.

“Its…..its actually…”
Oh! Delaney…
I shouldn’t be telling anyone about this.

“Its tied to a rope. Did you see it?” I asked her and she shrugged.

“I didn’t. I’m not a thief” she replied and walked away.

Oh! Goodness. What have I done?

Maybe it had fallen close to the car or something. I just need to check.

I climbed the fence and jumped back to the compound.
And immediately, I started looking around.

I couldn’t afford to lose the treasure. I just couldn’t.

I searched all the way to the car. And to make it worst, I bumped into someone – The son’s friend.

I think his name is Rio.

He scoffed and stared at me in shock.

“You??” He called.
Alicia’s Pov:
After picking up the treasure, I saw a lady coming towards me and quickly hid it beneath my shirt.

She looked….funny.
She was wearing just a shirt and walked around bare footed.

And she kept looking at the floor.

“Um…hi. Did you…by any chance…see something on the floor?” She turned to me and asked.

“Wh…What’s that?” I asked and she looked around again.

“It’s…its actually tied to a rope’ she replied reluctantly.

Hmm. No doubt she’s looking for the same thing I’m holding.

“I didn’t. I’m not a thief” I replied her and left.

That was convincing, right?

As soon as I was out of sight, I brought the treasure out from my shirt and looked at it.

It looked….I don’t know. But it looked strange.

Hmph. Anyway, its none of my business. I was pretty sure it’d fetch me some money. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do with it.
I fixed it back into my shirt and hurried home.

Getting to the door, I remembered mom.

Gosh! What if she’s in, huh? And decided to continue from where she stopped?
I wish she’d just leave me alone.

I exhaled deeply and opened the door.

Actually, my mum and I could be close at times, but sometimes, we’re like cats and dogs.

She’s too rough for my liking and doesn’t act like a mother sometimes. I wonder how she’d given birth to me in the first place. I don’t even know my dad.

Well, yeah. I grew up without a father and she’s just never talked about him.
I walked into the house and spotted grandma in the kitchen.

Well, the house was kinda small and the kitchen was facing the sitting room.

She turned to look at me and resumed with what she was doing.

Where’s mum?

I looked around the room, but there was no trace of her. And quickly, I ran upstairs to my room.

Oh! Please, don’t think the stairs are classic or something. They’re actually some pathetic stairs, looking like they led to hell.

I got into my room and took out the treasure. Hmm.

Guess mum had chased me to my blessing.
I smiled and hid it carefully in my bag.

Then, left for the kitchen to meet grandma.

“Hey granny” I beamed as soon as I joined her.

She was blending some tomatoes.

“Are you done running?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.

That reminds me……

“Um….where’s mum?”. I asked curiously.

“Your mother? Where else could she be? She’s probably left for gambling with her friends” grandma replied and I heaved a huge sigh of relief.
I hoped so. I Wasn’t ready to run again.

“Did you really had to take her money, huh? I thought you promised to quit that habit?” She continued and I itched my ear.

“Actually….you see, Granny. I didn’t want to steal, okay? Its just that…when I asked her for some money this morning, she yelled at me and told me she didn’t have anything on her. Then…I searched her bag and found the wraps in there and I got really angry. Besides, it isn’t like I took the whole thing. I’d only taken a small portion” I pouted my lips and she just shook her head.

“You’re just like her” she mumbled.
“This was the same character she’d possessed when she was your age”.


“Granny” I called after a little pause

“I um….I’d wanted to ask….who’s my father?”

I noticed she twitched and paused on what she was doing.
What’s wrong?

“That isn’t important for now, Alicia. Hurry up and help me with the beef’ she quickly changed the topic and pushed me away.


My eyes accidentally caught the sight of the TV in the room and I smiled when I saw the image.

Oh my geeee!! Its him!!!

They were showing my crush on a commercial ad.

Xavier Maddox!!!

I beamed in excitement and ran closer to the TV.
Xavier’s Pov:


“Come on, Xavier.


Mitchell’s cried sweetly as I drilled into her.

Gosh! Her voice was damn so nice in bed. I never knew she could be this sweet.

I held the sheets firmly as I pounded into her. And just when I was close to climax, a stupid knock came upon the door.

Damn it!?

“Who’s it??” I rasped as I pulled outta Mitchell’s creamy hole.

“Xavier” I heard my name.
It was Rio.

F**k! What the hell is he doing here?

I jumped out of bed and wore on my trouser before going to answer the door.

“Hey! What is it man? I was in the middle of something” I said bitterly as I faced him

“Yeah….I know. And I’m sorry, but this is kinda urgent.

“Actually, I’d gone out to get something from the car and I found someone you….sure wouldn’t be expecting to see here” he replied and I furrowed my brows in surprise.

Who could it be?

“Who’s it?” I asked.

“I can’t tell. Come see for yourself” he replied with a shrug.

Damn it!

I turned to Mitchell and saw how ho*ney she still was. Who on earth could be disrupting this moment?

“This has better been good, man” I mumbled as I finally left the room, going out with him.

We walked pass the party hall, out of the house and got to the garage where the car was parked.

What the………

Holy freaking Joseph!!

The alien????

I paused and widened my eyes in shock. Then, looked at Rio.

What’s she doing here???

And why’s she on the floor?
In tears?

Delaney’s Pov:
I sat on the floor, crying profusely as the Rio guy left to do what I didn’t know.

I’d searched and searched for the treasure, but to no avail.
And finally, I ended up on the floor, crying my eyes out.

How could I be so careless? How could I misplace the treasure?? What do I do now?

What if it has fallen into the wrong hands? The most valuable treasure in Marazona. The key to my revenge against the Queen.

How could I be so careless, huh?

I continued crying on the floor and after a while, he showed up – both of them.

I lifted my head to look at them and another fear crowded me.

They’ve seen my face already and known I followed them.

What have I done?

If I’d known, I’d have stayed back at home. I just wanted to feed my eyes.

“What’re you doing here??” Xavier asked with an alarmed look and I sniffed and stood up.

“I….I…” I paused and sniffed again.
“I lost my necklace”.

He scoffed and looked at his friend

“What necklace? And that isn’t the answer to my question. What’re you doing here? How did you get here?” He asked but I couldn’t reply.

“Did you follow me?” He asked again and that was when I nodded.
Xavier’s Pov:
What the….

She followed me???

Like….f*”king followed me??

So, this was the reason mum couldn’t find her at home?

“Hold on; how did you follow me? Like…how did you do it?” I asked.

I was just trying so hard to understand how she did it.

“I…I made use of the car” she replied and pointed to the car.

Hmm. She probably hid in the boot or something. But why would she follow me?

I sighed and ruffled my hair.

Is mum being serious about keeping this lady?

And why’s she crying?

“What do we do, man? We need to get her home” Rio turned to me and said and I felt my cheeks burning up..

Seriously?? Just when i was about having fun?

“Maybe….I should take her home myself and come back afterwards. What do you think?” He asked, but I didn’t reply as I stared at her.

What did she say she’s looking for again?

“What’s so special about the necklace?” I moved closer to her and asked and she sniffed.

“It’s….its important. I can’t lose it”.

Great! Perfect answer.

I took out my phone and dialed mum’s line.
It connected.

“Xavier” she called, tiredly.
Is she being stressed out because of this?

“Guess what, mum” I started with an eye roll.
“Your special alien daughter Is here with me”.

I could hear her gasp.

“What?? Delaney?” She called, surprised.

“Yes. She actually followed Rio and I out – secretly. She was hiding in the car”.

“Whaaaat?? Oh my…Oh my God! Where’s she? I mean…
Is she safe?”

“She’s just crying over some weird necklace. Look mum, I’m in the middle of an interesting party and if there’s a way you can just….”

“I’ll do it” Rio muttered and I sighed.

“Fine. Rio said he’ll bring her home” I passed the report to her.

“What the heck are you doing, Xavier? Bring her home yourself. Besides, its late. You know your father’s against you staying out late because of your status”.

“But mum….”

“Bring her home. Now”

And she ended the call.


What the heck??

I made a crumpled face and looked at Rio who bursted into laughter.

“This isn’t funny,,dude” I said depressed and looked at the lady.
Where the f*”k did she come from?

I itched my hair and started towards the car, angrily.

“Hey! Don’t tell me you’re angry” Rio said from behind, but I didn’t stop to look at any of them as I got into the car and shut the door.
Delaney’s Pov:
He looked angry. What could be wrong with him? Could I be the cause?

“Hey; come on. Let’s go in” his friend next to me said and I nodded weakly and followed him to the car.

I sat alone at the backseat and in a short while, we started moving.
Xavier’s Pov:
We got home and I angrily handed the special Delaney over to mum. And after which, Rio left.

Gosh! I couldn’t believe she just ruined my night – completely.

I got into my room and took a shower, ready to sleep.

And just when I was taking off my towel, someone pushed the door open and I looked in fright to see she was the one coming in.

My towel!!
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