Mr Arrogant Season 2 – Episode 12

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( Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 12

By: Faith Lucky

Chelsea’s pov
“Brielle, Brianna, Blair, we need to talk.” I said angrily, making my way into brielle’s room.

“Hey, what’s with the look Chels? You look really upset.” Brianna smiled and I could tell it was a mocking smile.

“Don’t you dare pretend to me okay? You all are backstabbers!” I yelled angrily and turned to look at them.

Brielle had a nonchalant countenance and a smirk was plastered on her face.

Gosh! I felt like ripping off the smirk off her face and feeding it to her.

“What are you talking about Chelsea?” Blair smirked with her arms akimbo.

Seriously, this girls are daring me.

“You framed me up right? You framed me so you could make me Xavier hate me right? But guess what? Your plans didn’t work.

You’re shameless Brielle, I thought you were better than those sluts that go after Xavier and give their selves cheaply at him!” I lashed out furiously.

“That’s enough okay? What proof do you have that we had a hand in whatever f*cking s*it that happened to you?

How is it our fault that you couldn’t control your sexual urge and decided to f*ck a random cheap guy like that?

If anyone is cheap here then is you.” Brielle smacked angrily, glaring daggers at me.

“Seriously Brielle? Can you listen to yourself? I never knew you were nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

You’re nothing but a snake!” I hissed angrily, feeling the urge to strangle her to death.

“Ha!” She laughed mockingly and hissed.

“I knew you planned it with the girls with a random girl to pretend to sleep with me.” I fisted my hand in a tight ball.

I just felt like punching her so hard till she spits out blood and bleed from her nose.

But I ain’t doing that. I’m not the violent type.

“So what? I ain’t denying the fact that I framed you up and I’m glad my purpose of doing so is gradually paying off.

Xavier probably hates you because he sees you as a cheap whore.” Brielle smirked triumphantly.

I didn’t look surprised because I had my suspicions.

And there I was thinking that they were good friends I could trust, not knowing that they are the ones that would want to make me go down.

“Why would you do such a thing? I thought we were friends.” My voice is low, more like a pained whisper.

“We were never friends. Maybe just partners in crime.” Brianna chipped in with a mockery laughter.

I felt so hurt that I thought my heart would rip off.

“But how? How did you manage to do such a thing? I never suspected that you were up to something.” I whispered, with tears building up in my eyes.

I felt really hurt.

Now because of them, my image has been tarnished and even the sluts at school sees me as a slut.

My reputation is going down the drain because of them.

“Well, it was easy…” Brianna started, with a grin.

“Well, we planned it before inviting you over to the club.

When you were having your drink and talking, we signaled the waiter and he poured a drug in your drink without your notice.

It was actually benzodiazepines. It would make you forget, more like an amnesia.

And when the three of us gave excuses and did as if we were drunk and waisted, the guy we had paid had come to take you.

Well, good thing the drug was already working on you.

Now, let me give you a little bit hope, he didn’t sleep with you but he pretended as if he did to make it look real and convincing.

And before then, we had planted a camera in the room.

So, that’s it. It was because of the drug you couldn’t remember when you woke up the next day.”

Now, I was already in tears and I was on the floor.

How could they?

I’m glad the guy didn’t really have his way with me but I still felt hurt and sad.

“You’re cruel!” I cried out.

Oh God!
I shouldn’t have partook in their evil plan to frame Delaney up.

Now, look what’s become of me.

But then, I will make sure the B3 girls wouldn’t go unpunished.

I have solid evidence against them and they are sure gonna be punished.

Now, I regret ever wanting to hurt Delaney.

I shouldn’t have and this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t make any attempt to frame Delaney up.

I regret every of my actions.

“I didn’t expect this from you.” I sniffed in and stood up from the floor.

“You should be glad that I even told you what exactly happened and you should be happy the guy didn’t really f*ck you.” Brielle smirked.

“Whatever friendship we had is over.” I said and without waiting for any reply, I got out of her room.

I wiped my tears and did a lopsided smirk. I withdrew my phone from my pocket and saved the voice recorder.

Now, let’s see who’s gonna have the last laugh.

“Hello officer Manuel, this is Chelsea and I want to fill a case…”


Delaney’s pov
With my mouth opened in shock, I stared at Hera.
How on Earth did she get here?

I never for once thought that I’ll see her, if not anywhere but Earth and in Xavier’s house?

Like seriously?

I thought I had escaped from everything and now that the necklace isn’t with me, she’s here.

“Delaney?” She called, more loudly this time.

I blinked my eyes rapidly and stared at her like a statue that just spoke.

This looks real unbelievable.

“What are you doing here?” My voice came out more like a whisper.

“Same reason why you are here.” She huffed and placed her hands on her waist and shook her body dramatically.

Really? Same reason why I am here?

She wasn’t the one who was almost killed for the wrong thing right?

She wasn’t the one who was accused wrongly right?

“I never thought I will see you, especially in a place as Earth.” I scoffed and eyed her.

Gone are the days when I liked her and I would have jumped happily on her body. But after what she made me go through, all she made me feel was hatred for her.

“Did you think you could gonna hide forever?” She asked with an eye roll.

“Seriously Hera, after what you made me go through, you still had the gut to show your ugly face here?

You decided to trace me down to earth right? For what exactly?” My voice was laced with anger.

“You’re ungrateful Delaney. I made you escape but what did you do? You took the treasured necklace and ran down to Earth.

You took what would bring danger to the queen– my mother and the people of Marazona, if it’s being taken away.

How selfish can you be?

I made you escape and you decided to repay me unkindly?” She scoffed angrily.

“You, we had been friends, very close friends. But what did you do?
You betrayed me by accusing me falsely.

I was almost killed for what I know nothing about. You and your mother are cruel and I never regret stealing the necklace and running down to Earth.

It serves your mother right!” I lashed out, with so much anger and bitterness laced in my voice.

I felt like pulling her hair and ripping it off from her head.

I just want to lay my hands on her and give her everlasting scars on her face.

Mere looking at her brought back so much anger.

She made me go through a lot – including her witch of a mother.

“I don’t care whatever you passed through. I never regretted framing you up or accusing you either. But what I regretted was making you escape.

I shouldn’t have if I knew you were going to steal the necklace. I really do regret helping you.” She spat out angrily.

“Well, good for me. At least, I got my revenge in the little way I could for the horrible things you and your mother did and made me go through.

I know your mother’s life is at stake.” I laughed mockingly and glared at her.

“Now that I finally found you after weeks, I’m not here to batter words with you.

Now Delaney, where is the necklace?” She asked with a murderous glare. And if eyes could kill, I’d have been six feet below the ground.

Now, this is the question I dreaded.

I was expecting this question all along, but I was a little bit nervous and scared.

I haven’t even come up with a lie or something and now, she’s asking me?

What am I supposed to tell her?

“I’m waiting Delaney, where is the necklace?” She asked more harshly this time.

I scratched the back of my head and stuttered, with no words forming.


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