Mr Arrogant Season 2 – Episode 15

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👔 Mr
Arrogant 💓
( Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 15

By: Faith Lucky

Hera’s pov
Did I just hear her correctly?

“Ma’am?” I called, wanting to be sure I did hear her correctly. That it isn’t a dream or my imagination.

“I said you’re hired. You can join the other maids in arranging and maintaining my son’s room and daughter’s room.

And I hope you do a good job.” She smiled at me.

“Wow! Thank you ma’am. I’ll sure do my best.” I replied enthusiastically.

“But ma’am, who’s your daughter? I mean, her name and your son too?” I asked politely even if I already know who her son is but her daughter? I have no idea.

Apart from Delaney, I haven’t seen any young girl that looks like this pretty woman or her son.

Or she isn’t around?

“Oh! My son…his name is Xavier and my daughter name is Delaney. Don’t worry, you’ll meet them later when they are back from school.” She smiled and her tone was filled with so much pride – that clearly showed that she loves her two children.

But wait!

Did she just call Delaney her daughter?

But how?

Even in Marazona, Delaney never had a mother. So how come?

And she also mentioned school. Delaney attends a school on Earth?

And me, I haven’t seen any school around not to talk of attending one.

Delaney and I attended school in Marazona and as usual, she was the intelligent one. I was just averagely good.

I didn’t put my heart to school because I thought that I didn’t need to study or work hard for me to become wealthy.

I did think that, even if I don’t attend a school, I would still be great and also better than Delaney who put all her heart into it.

After all, I was gonna take over from my mother and rule Marazona one day.

Why does Delaney always get good things? Why does she always have luck before me?

She attends a school while am here about to work as a maid.

Why’s life being unfair to me?

Why does life cheat on me and favour Delaney?

And as I process the woman’s words, I remembered when she said I’ll also work as a maid to her son and daughter.

And if Delaney is her daughter, does that mean I’m gonna serve Delaney?

No way!

Delaney has always been the one to serve me and now, I can’t and I won’t.

A princess serving a commoner?

A commoner with no name in the society?

No way!

“Uhm ma’am…” I called politely.


“Can’t you exempt me from working as a maid to your daughter? I just want to work for only your son.” I bit my lower lip nervously and took my gaze to the floor.

“Oh no dear! You have to work for both of them.” She smiled and patted my shoulder.

I nodded my head and faux a smile.

I’m doing this because I have a mission that I must fulfill.

I’m doing this because of the male and I’ll make sure I definitely carry out my plan.

I’ll just have to bear it and work towards achieving what I want.

I don’t mind serving Delaney – it’s not forever and is for a reason.

For whatever one needs, there’s always a price to pay…

“Thank you ma’am.”
“You’re welcome.”


Delaney’s pov
“What was that all about? What’s prom date?” I asked, as Xavier and I walked out of the cafeteria – because break was over already.

“You’re dumb, you know that right?” He teased and pinched my cheek lightly.

“Ouch!” I whined and glared playfully at him.

“Be serious Xavier. What is prom date and why did you choose me?” I asked again.

“Eish! What will I do with a block head like you?” He groaned playfully and ruffled my hair while I frowned my face lightly.

“Xavier! Stop teasing me! I’m not a block head.” I grumbled and hit him on his shoulder.

He laughed lightly and ruffled my hair more.

Geez! My once neat hair was already scattered and it was almost all over my face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about prom today during our lessons.” He said at last.

“Whatever!” I rolled my eyes and stepped hard on his toes. Before he could say anything, I moved away from him and stuck out my tongue at him.

“Ouch! That hurts you know.” He grumbled like a child that was deprived of his sweet.

I laughed and ran away.


Authoress chi pov ✍️
“The queen just collapsed!” A maid panicked as she ran to get the royal healer.

The queen was seated on her throne when she suddenly collapsed and fell down.

The room was in chaos as everybody were in panic while the royal slaves carried the queen to her Chambers.

Some maids were told to get some things and they hurriedly did it.

Just in few minutes, it was all over the palace that the queen suddenly collapsed without even fallen sick.

It was surprising because the queen had been looking healthy since.

“Where is she?” The tiny voice of the royal healer asked as she walked into the palace with her bag of medicine.

“This way, great one.” The maid replied with a bow and gestured her hands to the queen’s chamber.

They both got inside and the queen was on a bed, looking so pale and almost lifeless.

As the healer wanted to touch her, she suddenly withdrew and stared intently at the queen.

“Something is wrong!

There is danger lurking around!” The royal healer said, with her eyes shut while she spoke some strange words.

The royal healer is also a seer and she foresees.

“What is it great one?” The queen’s trusted friend, Nika asked with panic written all over her face.

She was sitting beside the queen on the bed and seeing the look on healer’s face, she suddenly felt scared.

“The sacred necklace has been stolen! I don’t know why, but I never foresaw it.

The queen’s health is on the line and if the necklace is not brought back within the next seven days.

“Then, the queen will die!”

Chelsea’s pov
Throughout that day in school, I didn’t enter the classroom till it was closing already. I was too ashamed to enter into the classroom and face the students – who’d probably mock at me.

I was not ready to hear their taunting words that that would probably throw at me.

They sure were expecting me to be Xavier’s date and I’ve been all eager and proud about it.

And now Xavier didn’t choose me – making it so humiliating.

I was in the garden, crying my eyes out and preparing both my body and soul for the mocking words I’m gonna sure get from the students – especially the ones that I had rubbed it to their faces that I would definitely be chosen.

Why would Xavier do this to me?

Why didn’t he choose me?

I’ve known him for years and he didn’t choose me but Delaney who just came in within just a short period of time – he chose her.

What did he even see in her?

I’ll just hope that he hasn’t fallen in love with her, else… I wouldn’t be able to take it.

I really wanted to be chosen as Xavier’s prom date but since he didn’t choose me, then I’ll hope that he’d choose me as his girlfriend.

I just hope I’ll be that lucky girl.


Alicia’s pov
I stomped to my room, feeling rather angry and upset.

I felt bittered and at that moment, I felt like punching something real bad to let out my anger.

So, after my gifts – even if I knew they weren’t expensive, Xavier didn’t choose me as his prom date but that girl – Delaney or whatever they call her.

I was expecting that my name would be called as Xavier’s prom date but I was really sad and angry that he didn’t choose me.

He didn’t even make Chelsea his prom date and he went ahead to choose someone else?

Someone we didn’t expect him to choose.

I felt really down casted and I almost felt like ripping off Xavier’s mouth he used in calling Delaney’s name.

Thinking about it is making me more upset.

I got to my room and undressed. I packed my hair in a messy bun and walked to my bathroom.

I stood under the shower and let the water cascade down my nude self.


After I was done bathing, I toweled my body and wore a simple outfit.

I got downstairs and started for the kitchen and started preparing dinner before mom would come back from the hospital.

“So mom, I’ve been thinking…” I started and exhaled. I mentally prepared myself for whatever thing mom is gonna say and how she’s gonna react too.

“What?” She asked and stared intently at me.

“So I’ve been thinking, I don’t like the way we are living. We are supposed to be at dad’s mansion and enjoying the luxury his child and wife are enjoying.

We have legal rights to enjoy them too. Dad’s been hiding us away from them and I think it’s time we show ourselves.

Why don’t we go to dad’s mansion and confront dad? Whatsoever that’s gonna happen should happen.

Let’s tell him that we want to leave in that mansion even though his wife and child doesn’t likes us. Besides, he needs to tell them that he had a family outside.” I explained.

Mom was quiet and I was trying hard to read her expression but I couldn’t tell what was going on in her mind.

She didn’t look angry or sad.

“Wow Alicia! I’ve also been thinking about it too!” She finally said, with a smile on her face.

I released the breathe I didn’t know I was holding and smiled.

“Really mom?” I asked.

“Yes. But I’ll think it through tonight and by tomorrow, I’ll tell you my final decision. I’m tired of struggling hard to provide for us in this house and living in this kind of a house when I know I’m supposed to be living in somewhere better.” Mom sighed.

“Alright mom. I’ll wait.” I said simply.

Thank goodness I’m not the only one in this – mom supports me as well.


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