Mr Arrogant Season 2 – Episode 2

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👔 Mr
Arrogant 💓
( Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 2

By: Faith Lucky

Chelsea’s pov
Gosh! I was really so angry. I didn’t expect Xavier to have defended Delaney.

It made me really speechless and dumbfounded.

I never thought that Xavier would stand up for her.

Throughout the day in school, I wasn’t myself. I kept thinking about the whole incident. Somehow, Xavier made me look a fool and a liar in front of the students.

My mind was also centered on Xavier – would he be mad at me?



“Xavier, please let me explain.” I begged and held unto Xavier’s arm.

He turned swiftly and his eyes held no expression, just a hard glare.

Oh God! What have I done?

“What is it Chelsea?” He groaned.

“Look Xavier, I’m sorry. I didn’t…” I gulped down nervously.

“Really Chelsea? Why would you stoop so low to frame Delaney? I thought you were better than that.

What did she ever do to you?” He asked and removed my grip away from his arm.

“It wasn’t intentional Xavier, I swear. It was all Brianna’s idea. I didn’t want to do it but Brianna forced me to.” I pouted and rubbed my sweaty palms together.

“Really? So, if Brianna tell you to put your finger in hot water or fire, you will do it right? Your excuse is lame Chelsea.” He hissed.

My heart ached as Xavier spat out those words angrily.

He’s so pissed at me and it’s something that pricks my heart, so much.

“Xavier, look I’m sorry. Real sorry.
I made a mistake, yes but I’m sorry.” I apologized.

“Why are you apologizing to me? I wasn’t the one who was framed.” He scoffed and started towards the the entrance of the house.

“Xavier, I’m sorry.” I said, almost in tears.

“You shouldn’t apologize to me but Delaney. I wasn’t the one you wronged.” He sighed lowly and entered into the house, slamming the door shut.


Apologize to that girl?

Why does he care anyways?



Hera’s pov
I sat in my room, deep in thoughts.

I don’t know how long I’ve spent here on Earth but I know I’ve stayed so long already.

I was sent here on for a purpose and not just to dwell in this place.

Mom’s life is at stake here and it’s better I hurry up with my plans before it’s too late.

But where do I start from?

Where do I start looking for Delaney?

How would I know where she stays?

Oh God!
I really need to act fast so I’ll be able to save mom and the throne.

I really need to.
I’ve been out with Emily for sometime and I know a few directions. I know places here on Earth and I know the road that leads to the places too.

I sighed softly and rolled on my bed, feeling uncomfortable and disturbed.

I need to map out my plans on how to leave the house without Emily knowing. I’ll just have to try my luck and see if I can get any lead at all to meet Delaney.


Delaney’s pov
“Thank you so much Xavier. I didn’t think you’ll take side with me and defend me.” I smiled appreciatively at Xavier who was taking off his shoes.

“Yeah.” He mouthed, his gaze still on his shoes.

“I’ll take my leave now.” I smiled and turned around to leave but his voice made me hault.

“Delaney, would you be busy?” He asked and he sounded nervous.

I turned around and tried to hide my smile as I stared at him. He was already on his feet and he was close to me – a little.

I breathed out and nodded my head negatively, “no. I don’t really have anything to do.”

“Okay. So, I was thinking if maybe you’d like to go out with me after we’ve had dinner. I just thought maybe we could go to some fun places, like the beach.

You don’t know places around so, I was wondering if you would agree to go with me since I could show you some really fun places.” He rushed his words, not stopping to catch his breathe.

I almost bursted out laughing because of how tensed he looked but I stopped myself.

I smiled lightly and bit the side of my cheek to prevent me from blushing too hard.

Oh my!

Did Xavier really say those words to me just now?

Geez! This is a dream come true.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to.” He rolled his eyes and went to seat on his bed.

“No, no, no Xavier. I really want to go with you. I’d love to go with you and yes, I’ll go with you.” I rushed my words, shaking my head vigorously.

Why on Earth would I want to miss such an opportunity?

“Really?” He asked and smiled lightly, but the smile disappeared just the way it came.


“Then get prepared, after dinner, we’d be going out.” He said and without looking at me, he hastily got into another door in his room.

“Oh my! I’m going out with Xavier!” I exclaimed happily and I didn’t know when I jumped on his bed.

I think I’m gonna explode with joy!

My heart feels like it’s gonna explode because of the joy I felt.

I’m so happy!
I giggled excitedly and continued to jump happily on his bed.


Alicia’s pov
“Huh? What do you mean Alicia!” Mom yelled.

“C’mon mom, aren’t you tired of living this kind of a life? Besides, my father needs to know that he has another daughter.

I need a father in my life mom, you know how badly I’ve always wanted a father.

How I’ve always asked you repeatedly about my father.” I cried out and stood up from my chair.

I was so pissed off. Why would mom act that way?

“Look Alicia, I didn’t tell you about your father because I want you to go to him, but rather, I told you because I thought it was time you knew the truth.

I didn’t tell you about your father because I want you to start living with him and living a wealthy life.

You aren’t gonna meet him or tell him who you are!” Mom barked angrily, her face all red from anger.

“I don’t care if you approve it or not but all I know is that, I’m gonna go meet my father and tell him the truth.

He deserves to know.

I’ve been living an uncomfortable life and now that I know my father is wealthy, I wouldn’t let the opportunity of living wealth slip from my hand.

For so many years mom, you deprived me of so many things. You deprived me of my father – I never experienced the love of a father.

You deprived me of living in wealth and living a comfortable life, just the way I’ve always wanted.

You’re being so selfish and unfair mom!” I cried out and ruffled my hair angrily.

“I’m not being selfish and unfair okay? I’m doing this for your own good. I’m doing this to protect you!

Do you think his family would gladly welcome you with open arms?

Do you even think your father is gonna accept you? What about his wife and daughter?

Be reasonable for once Alicia! You have to think through it before you finally come up with a final decision.

You don’t just expect the family to welcome you wholeheartedly, that’s not possible!” Mom snapped, pacing to and fro while grandma watched us silently.

I sighed lowly, seeing reason with mom said.

But still, I really need to see my father and let him know he has another daughter – and that is me.

“I don’t care mom! I’m going to meet him.” I rolled my eyes dramatically.

“You don’t even know what your father did to me! You don’t know the pain he made me go through!

You don’t know what he made me go through! You don’t just know!

I raised for so many years, trying my best to provide for you the little way I could.

I made sure I didn’t neglect you or made you feel the vacuum of not having a father– I was both a mother and a father to you!

And now because you know your father is wealthy, you decided to do what you think is right without caring about my feelings – without thinking of how I’ll feel about your decision.”

” Well, whatever your decision is, then it’s none of my business!”


Delaney’s pov
I giggled happily as Xavier drove in a high speed on the road.

We had eaten dinner earlier and Xavier’s mom had helped me dressed.

She was so happy when I told her about Xavier taking me out.

She made sure she beautified my face even if it was a little bit dark.

I allowed her work magic on my face and hair.

We chatted happily as we watched the slow waves from the sea.

The place was cold and different persons were there too.

We sat on the cool beach sand and watched the sea. It was a beautiful sight and I couldn’t help but grin happily to myself.

“It’s cool right?” I asked Xavier and pointed at the sea.

“Yeah. It’s a lovely sight especially at night like this.” He smiled lightly.

“And the stars made it more beautiful and magical. It’s really a beautiful sight to behold.” I giggled lightly and took my gaze to the twinkling stars.

They shone brightly on the sea, making the sea sparkle.

“I’m glad you like this place.” He whispered with a small smile.

“Thank you for bringing me here.” I smiled and snuggled up closer to him – and I was surprised and happy, that he allowed me to.


Hera’s pov
I sneaked out of the house in the night – it wasn’t entirely dark.

I wanted to see if I could get to meet someone that knows Delaney and where I can find her.

As I walked absent-mindedly on the road, I didn’t know a moving car was coming close to me, till I landed not too hard on the floor.

I winced lightly and got up. Thank goodness, I didn’t sustain serious injury but there was a little scratch on my elbow and knee.

The door of the car opened. I strained my eyes in the darkness and the cute male I had seen on the TV and also reality, was walking towards me.

I smiled shyly and moved closer to him too.

“Why didn’t you watch where you were going to? You’re so clumsy!” He grumbled, staring at me.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized, not knowing exactly why I had apologized.

He looks grumpy and arrogant but still, he looks so beautiful and that was what had drawn me to him, especially those beautiful eyes.

“Take, treat yourself in case you you sustained any injury.” He said rudely and squeezed some money in my palm.

Without saying anything, he walked back gracefully to his car.

I stood agape as I watched him enter into the car.

As the car drove away, my eyes caught with a girl in the car and because the car moved slowly, I got a clearer view of the girl.

And oh my!

“Delaney?” I yelled in shock but the car sped off.

“Delaney!” I screamed again as I ran after the car.


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