Mr Arrogant Season 2 – Episode 9

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👔 Mr
Arrogant 💓
( Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 9

By: Faith Lucky

Xavier’s pov
Brielle had met me in the chemistry Lab and as a b*tch that she is, she started making advances towards me.

She pushed up her boobs so I could have a clearer view of her artificial boobs and then, she raised her already mini skirt so I could have a view of skinny thigh.

Her panties were almost showing and her boobs were almost out of her push-up bra.

I ignored her and when she got to understand that I wasn’t interested in whatever thing she was showing and advertising cheaply to me, she came to seat beside me.

“Have you seen the video of Chelsea and a guy having sex?” She had asked and there was a bit of mockery and taunt in her voice.

And I didn’t fail to notice a smirk that was plastered on her face.

I pretended to flow with her because I was shocked she had spoken that way about Chelsea.

I know Chelsea and the three of them are friends and so, I was surprised Brielle had spoken that way.

She’s just as loose as other girls and Rio had even had the opportunity to have s*x with her but he rejected her.

She’s cheap but tries to act expensive.

Pretending to flow with her, I might get an important information from her because I still doubt that Chelsea could have sex with someone – not as if she can’t, but I’m still surprised.

And why was the scene video?
Who video it?

“Yeah, I saw it.” I had replied.
“You see, Chelsea is really a b*tch. She had sex with a guy she just met in a club.” She scoffed, like she’s any different.

“Really? I thought you were friends with her?” I had asked.

“Oh Xavier! You’re funny.” She had laughed, not a good one though, but a laughter that clearly meant, she was speechless.

When I had wanted to leave for the class, she begged me that she wanted us to walk together holding hands.

I reluctantly agreed because I needed to play along so I could information from her because I don’t trust her one bit.

Brielle was still clingy towards me and I could see a smirk of triumph plastered on her face as she stared at Chelsea.

Chelsea stood up and walked to meet us.

“You, what are you doing with Xavier?” Chelsea asked, pointing her index finger at Brielle.

Brielle scoffed and held onto my arm more tightly and I felt like pushing her hard away from me.

“You’re too cheap and you don’t deserve someone like Xavier.” Brielle whispered.

I didn’t even utter a word as I watched the both of them communicate angrily with their expression and eyes.


Rio’s pov
“Hey buddy.” I sighed lowly as I sat beside Xavier on his booth.

He was surprisingly alone without Delaney and Chelsea.

“Yeah?” He replied nonchalantly.

“Xavier, we’ve been friends for years now right? Don’t tell me you believed that Delaney and I had done something.” I said and stared keenly at him.

“What do you want me to believe? I saw you two in a compromising position in the boys restroom. What was I supposed to believe?” He scoffed and drank from his bottled water.

“Here. Look at this.” I stretched out my phone to him.
He looked hesitantly at me before taking the phone from me.

“What! I didn’t send you this message.” He huffed disbelievingly.

“You didn’t?” I asked.

It was the message Xavier had sent to me to meet him at the boys restroom that he wanted to talk to me and that was when the incident of Delaney and I happened.

“Swears, I didn’t. I wasn’t even with my phone that day.” He said.

“Really? So, if you didn’t send the message then who did?” I asked and crossed my arms.

He looked at the phone and his expression suddenly changed, like he had gotten a lead.

“The time this message was sent was just few minutes after Chelsea came to meet me and tell me that you and Delaney were both making out in the restroom.

And that message isn’t even in my phone – meaning, the sender deleted it so I wouldn’t find out.” He blurted out in shock.

“Wow.” I was speechless.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” He asked.
“That maybe it was planned?” I reasoned.

“Exactly!” He stomped his fist on the desk.

“So, you believe me now right?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah. I’d just talk to Chelsea and ask her questions. I think she knows what happened.” He sighed.

“Yeah. Thanks buddy.” I smiled.
“Thank you. And I’m sorry for doubting you.” He shrugged.

“No big deal. Glad we already talked out our differences.”


Alicia’s pov
I wiped my tears and ran out of the hospital. I had eavesdropped on the doctor conversation with mom.

The doctor said we had to get the money ready for grandma’s operation quickly as grandma had already slipped into coma.

Mom barely even have half of the money and we are running out of time.

As a boarded a taxi, I made up my mind to go to Chelsea’s house and meet her father who’s also my dad.

I’m gonna ask for his help and nobody, not even mom is stopping me.

I’m doing this for the advantage of all of us, including mom.

I was lucky because I was able to stubble on Chelsea’s house address in school two days ago.

I had seen her address on her jotter when she kept it carelessly and I had memorized the address, as if I knew I was gonna need it.

Now, I’m going to meet my dad and I’m introducing myself to him and mom isn’t gonna stop me, because she can’t stop me.

I already made up my mind…

Delaney’s pov
School was normal as usual. I didn’t eat lunch with Xavier because I wanted to stay in the class and round off the novel Xavier told me to read.

He gave it to me as an assignment and today, during lessons, he’s gonna ask me questions from the story.

I wasn’t hungry too to even what to have lunch.

Chelsea was down all through the day and she didn’t talk to anyone, not even her so-called friends.

I never liked the B3 girls or whatever they call themselves.

I wonder why Chelsea decided to be friends with them.

During the ride home, Xavier and I didn’t say a word. His face was stiff and I didn’t know if he was angry or something.

We got home and Xavier was the first to alight. I hurriedly alighted and trailed behind him.

“Erm… Xavier…” I stammered, not even knowing what to say.

“Not now Laney.” Xavier cut in.

“Okay.” I sighed lowly and continued walking towards the door.

Yeah, he’s angry and I wonder why.
Perhaps it’s because he also watched the video of Chelsea and a male doing something I really didn’t understand.

But according to the comments the students were making, it seems to be a bad thing.

I didn’t watch the video but I had a glimpse of it and I couldn’t even understand what was going on.

But I could tell it was what made Xavier angry because I had seen him talk to Rio like he usually does and certainly, it can’t be Rio that made him angry.

And me? I already apologized to him even if I wasn’t wrong and he said he had forgiven me, so he can’t be possibly mad at me.

And Chelsea, he hasn’t spoken even a word to her. So, definitely, he’s mad at Chelsea.

Well, it’s none of my business to worry about that because he’ll definitely come around except he wants his mom to twist his ears or he wants me to bite him more harder this time around.

Just kidding anyways, but I know he would soon come around.


Alicia’s pov
Oh my! I think I’m gonna freak out.

After I had paid the cabby which was about if not less than ten minutes ago, I was still standing in front of the big gigantic gate and not able to ring the bell.

I felt so nervous and my heart wasn’t helping matters as it continued to beat faster than normal.

I rubbed my palms and continued to stare at the huge mansion in front of me.

Oh God!
What if dad isn’t home?

What am I supposed to say?

And how will my father react?
Will he accept me?

What if I see Chelsea’s mother and she throws me out?

Oh God!
I’m just so confused.

Different thoughts running through my mind.

“Oh God, help me!” I prayed and sighed.

Mustering enough courage, I walked closer to the gate.

I breathed in and out and rubbed my sweaty palms together.

With shaky hands, I pressed the doorbell.

I pressed it again. I moved back a little when I heard footsteps.

A huge man in an all black outfit came outside and stood in between the small gate, glaring hard at me.

I shivered as I stared at the huge intimidating man.

His face was so hard and I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me that he’s a bodyguard.

“Go…od…evening…sir.” I stammered, feeling so intimidated by his appearance and the stiff face he had.

“So? What do you want miss?” He asked, his voice cold and hard.

“Well, erm, I’m here to see Chelsea’s father.” I gulped down nervously.

“And who are you and why do you want to see him?” He groaned, his voice thick.

And his voice cause shiver to run down my spine.

“I’m his…” I was cut short with the sound of a car horn.

I moved out of the way while the gate surprisingly opened automatically.

But the car didn’t drive in. The windows was tinted and so, I couldn’t see whosoever that was in the car.

Two bodyguards stepped out and still staring at the car, Chelsea’s father – my father alighted gracefully from the car.

I became so tensed as I stood face to face with my dad.

He walked closer to me and stared curiously at me.

At that moment, I didn’t know how it happened, but I found myself hugging him tightly and muttered *daddy.*


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