MTN Free Browsing Cheat Settings on 24clan VPN Green Edition [100 legit ]

For hunters of free browsing cheats, there are this new MTN cheat settings on 24clan VPN Green Edition.
Of course, I’m here to give the lowdown of how to get it for yourself. As you go down this post, you’d find the step-by-step explanation of it all.
Trust me, you’re sure to come away with the good stuff you actually came for.

Steps To Get New MTN cheat settings

To get started, you’d need the 24Clan VPN Green Edition. It’s a slightly different version of the normal Tweakware VPN app you’re familiar with.
This version of the VPN has gone ahead to fix all of the connection errors and issues that are experienced sometimes with the MTN tweak on the Tweakware VPN.
You get to enjoy the daily free data quota without a hitch and don’t have to worry about disconnection at some point.
Here are some of the things you’d need to have in place in order to get the Green Edition Tweakware.
You’d need an android device, and a working MTN 3G or 4G SIM that currently doesn’t have an active data subscription.
Then proceed to download the app Here. Once you complete the download and installation, open it and select MTN 0.0k Free ServerTap on the Connect and you’re ready to go!
It generally takes 10 seconds to connect, and when it does, just minimize the VPN, and browse away!

Conclusion on MTN Free Browsing Cheat Settings on 24clan VPN Green Edition

24Clan VPN Green Edition is the one to get right now for your MTN free browsing cheat.
However, please note that it doesn’t do the tweak differently, it just makes it more stable.
Also, you still get the daily 50MB data cap (no unlimited data, yet), 
and if the server is overloaded, you can experience disconnections and reconnections.
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