My ghost girlfriend – Episode 23 & 24

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My ghost girlfriend


(She’s A Ghost And I’m In Love With Her)

I could see the anger all over her face. I moved to her side and placed my hand on her shoulder. “It’s OK. I know we’ll get him soon but we need to be patient just as you told me. Jenny would be OK”I said to comfort her. She faced me nodding her head. “I understand but I can’t just stay back and watch as he hurt people close to me. He might even do more than this next time. Please we need to do something before it’s too late”she said almost crying.

Cassandra’s POV

I was in my room sitting on the bed with my body half covered with the blanket. I thought of all Stephen had done to me since the day we met till this present day. Sometimes when he’s angry, he will be out of control and hit me multiple times. My body was full of scares I got from him. I regretted ever going to him at the first place. Staying with my parent and suffering from my mean Foster mother would have been even better than staying with the evil Stephen. My friend Jane was murdered by Stephen because she wanted to quit and not work for him again. She was killed before my eyes. I was not able to defend her or do anything or else, we’ll both die together. Since she was gone, I suffered a lot from Stephen because when she was here, she always defend me and know her way to calm him down.
I have thought of killing him multiple times or stabbing him to death when he’s asleep but I will end up dying at the end if I do so.
I continue living in Stephen’s hell all this while. The only thing he does in return for me was providing all my needs. Expensive House, big cars and many good things in life. And he also promised to find my family for me in return.
I just came back from my parents now. I asked everything about Suzy Mick from elle and she told me how she got there. And the day she took her to his father in pool of blood. The way she was talking about her, my Heart melted and I pitied her. I don’t think I can go against what my parents want. Since they are protecting her from harm, I have to do that also.
But what of Stephen?

Stephen’s POV

When I left the scene, I quickly went home and changed into my normal dress. I noticed my wristwatch was gone. I then remembered when john held my hand and I jacked my hand off. it was then he removed it. “Oh gosh! How can this happen?”I said hitting my fist to the wall. I heard someone pressing on the bell outside and I walked to the door slowly. I looked at the cctv screen by the door and saw it was Cassandra. I opened the door and she came in. We both walked back to the living room while I was still not feeling good. I sat down on the couch while she stood in front of me. “You called for me”she said not looking at me. “Yes I did. But let me leave that aside first. I was just coming from Jenny’s performance. I stabbed her because that girl was possessing her body. When I was about leaving the scene, john interfered trying to hold me. I was able to get away from his grip but my wristwatch was gone”he said looking at me.
“What an evil creature! So you’re now hurting innocent people again?”I thought to myself angrily but didn’t show it in my expression. “So what do I need to do?”I asked him. “Get the wristwatch back before dawn. You must get it from him at all cost. Your failure will mean punishment”he said looking at me. By now, I got more angry but was not able to say anything than “OK. I will”I said. “Good! You can leave now. I’ll tell you the other one later”he said smiling. I walked slowly towards the door. When I got outside, I saw Mathew, one of his guy messenger heading in. He bowed his head to me before walking pass me. I turned back still looking at him. I wondered why he’s here out of the blue. He had not been around all these days I wonder what he had been doing for Stephen. I must find that out today. I thought to myself and dipped my hand into my bag. I brought out a small chip(a bug which records every sound when planted on someone or in a room) I looked at it smiling. When he was about going in, I called his name. “Mathew!”
He stopped and looked back. “Yes ma’am”he replied looking at me. “Wow! I’ve seen you for long now. Hope everything is OK?”I asked smiling as I walked to him. “Yes ma’am. Thanks for your concern”he said smiling. I stretched my hand for a shake and he took it. I patted his back gently and used the chance to hide the small chip by his collar. “Take care OK”I said smiling. I released his hand and he left. I watched him till he got in and locked the door. I went into my car and brought out a device. I plugged it and plugged my iPod to it. I then put it on in a way it was covering my ears. I waited for there conversation.

Stephen’s POV.

After Cassandra left, Mathew came in. He walked up to me and we greeted each other. “So how far have you gone with what I sent you?”I asked him. He was silent for a while before replying me. “Am done with it but….”he stopped looking at me. “But what? Let me know everything about it”I said. He brought down the bag pack he was carrying and brought out some files and pictures. He dropped them on the table before me. I took them one after the other looking at them carefully. “Why’s Cassandra with them? Why are they all together?. I asked you to find Cassandra’s biological parents. What does this pictures mean?”I asked looking at him.
“That’s it. Cassandra was 15 when she got missing at a park. Her parents look for her but she was not found. She was taken in by doctor Josh who also don’t know about her but took her in as his daughter. I really don’t know how she got to them but I know they were the one taking care of her till she later left them because of some issues. I heard she had a brain trauma. Some of her memories are gone. But She would recover them back some day.”he said looking at me.
“I understand. So you mean these people in the picture are her family?”I asked looking at him. “Yes. She’s Suzy Mick’s sister. This are their parent with them. They are truly siblings. So what should we do about this?”he asked looking at me. I was dumbfounded for a while. “What do you think we should do. There’s nothing to be done than to bury this down. She must not find out about this.”I said.
“You know she’ll be happy to see her real parent. That’s what she wanted most from you. That’s what kept her here around you. She’ll feel bad if you were not able to do that for her”Mathew said looking at me. “I know. It’s not right to tell her she and Suzy mick are siblings! Just assume you were in her shoe. How will you feel when you know am the murderer of your late sister?”I asked looking at him. He took a heavy sighed not replying me. “You must not bring anything up about her family from now on. If anyone know about this apart from me and you, then you’re gone also”I said looking at him.

Sandra’s POV

When I heard all these, my heart was hurt and heavy. I didn’t notice when tears started streaming down my face. I removed the iPod from my ear slowly feeling hurt and betrayed.

To Be Continued Right Now…




“You evil beast! I promise you’ll die by my hands on day. I will kill you myself.”I said crying out.
After some minutes, my body was a little calm and I had stopped crying.
“I promise to destroy all what you’ve worked for. I will show you what am capable of doing. Now, I don’t care if my life would be at risk. I’ll make you go on your kneel to those family you’ve offended or kill their child before you see your own grave.”I said looking angry.

John’s POV

I and Stella went back to the hospital to visit Jenny. When we got to her Ward, her mum was already there taking care of her. “Good evening ma”I greeted her. “Oh good evening My son. Thanks for the other time.”she said smiling. “How’s she?”I asked looking at Jenny. She turned her face to me smiling. She was not really looking at me I looked beside me and it was then I knew she was looking at Stella. Stella walked slowly to her bed and sat down beside her. Although Jenny’s mum could not see her. She thought Jenny was looking at me.
“Am sorry for making this happen”Stella said holding her hand. She nodded her head in response. “Am happy you were not that badly hurt by him. I promise to fight for everyone. He would soon be brought down by me. Please you need to get well soon OK”she said. Jenny smiled nodding her head again.
Her mum was staring at her wondering what she was doing and who she was smiling at.
“Jenny is anything wrong again?”she asked her.
“Oh. Jenny are you now feeling OK? I had been so worried about you since yesterday. Hope everything is fine now?”I said cutting in to stop her mum from asking any further question. She smiled nodding her head. “Thank you sir. Am feeling better”she replied looking at me.
“Why are you calling your friend sir? Are you not friends?”her mum asked looking confused.
“My friend?”Jenny asked looking confused.
“He’s the vice president of A.N.E.L entertainment company”she corrected her mum. Her mum looked at me then gasped in amazement covering her mouth with both hands. “Really? Am so sorry sir. I didn’t know that’s who you are. Please forgive my manner”she said looking at me. “No ma. It’s OK, you don’t need to be. Am OK with how you talk to me”I said smiling. “So you came to visit my daughter personally after her performance yesterday? Wow I can’t believe this. Thanks for everything sir. Am so happy for your concern”she said smiling. “Yes ma’am.”I said bowing a little.

After we left her Ward, I got to the compound and was about opening my car. I saw Cassandra standing at the other side beside my car. I was surprised to see her here at the hospital. I think Stephen sent her here again. She didn’t notice I was there so I wanted to ignore her and go our way. I thought what if she’s up to something?. I locked the door slamming it. The sound made her looked at my direction. Stella was not aware of this. She was at the back of the seat expecting me to drive. But when I slammed the door shut, she also got out of the car wondering what happened. She appeared to my side and asked why we’re not going again. “Why? Did you forget something?”she asked looking at me.

Cassandra’s POV

After waiting in the hospital compound for a while, I heard a loud sound beside me and I saw it was john. I walked slowly towards him still feeling strange of what I was about to do. When I got to him, I greeted him but he was not replying me. “I have something to tell you”I said looking at him. “What is it? What are you guys planning this time around? Does he tell you to come and kill her finally?”he asked looking angry. I was so surprised he knew Stephen was the one behind it all. But why is he not reacting to it? So he also knew Stephen was trying to hurt Stella too? does that mean he was aware that Stephen framed his mother’s death?”I thought to myself looking at him. “Why? I think am not wrong? You actually came because of that?”he asked looking into my eyes. “A…am not here because of that. I have something to tell you”I said looking at him. “Your tricks won’t work on me anymore. I know if you open that mouth, all that will come out of there are nothing but lies. I don’t need to stand here with you wasting my time and energy. Please excuse me!”he said and turned to go. “You’re still behaving childish. Aren’t you? I think you don’t wish to know who was behind your mother’s death?”I said looking at his back as he was leaving. He stopped on hearing that. He then turned slowly to me like I just controlled him with a remote. He was staring at me straight in the eyes looking shocked and surprised.

To Be Continued Right Now…
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