My ghost girlfriend – Episode 33,34,35

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My ghost girlfriend


(She’s A Ghost And I’m In Love With Her)

John’s POV

The following day, Jenny, Stella and I went to Jenny’s grandma’s place. It was a bit far from us. Not different from a hometown because everywhere still looks old unlike city. Jenny was directing me while I was driving. When we got there, I packed my car in front of their gate and we got down. “Is it this building?”I asked Jenny. “Yes. She lives here.”she replied nodding her head. The house still looks neat unlike some we saw while coming. It’s just a mini flat but looks old fashioned. Jenny moved closer to the gate and knocked on it. In Few seconds, a lady came to open it. “Good morning Jenny”she greeted smiling. “Good morning.”she returned the greeting while we walks in. “Grandma went to get something she’ll be back shortly”the lady said looking at Jenny. “Why can’t you get it for her instead of stressing her?”she asked. “She insisted on getting it herself. You know how she act stubborn”the lady said with a little frown. “Alright we’ll wait for her”Jenny said. “Let’s go in”she said facing us. She lead us in while we followed her behind. I was looking around the compound as we walked towards the door. When we got to the door, Jenny opened it and we got in. The house looks better that I think. It was well finished and neat unlike it’s outside. We got to the living room and she told us to have our seat. We sat down on the couch while the other lady left us. In few seconds, she came back with juice and two glass cups in a tray. She placed it on the table and was about opening it. “Don’t bother. I’ll do it myself”Jenny said. “Alright.”she said and left us.

Cassandra’s POV

I visited my mum’s place as promised. When I got there, she was so happy to see me. “I went to Joshua’s place yesterday expecting you to be there”she said looking at me. “Yes I was told you came. I was busy at work by those time. That was why I came to visit you specially today.”I said smiling. “How’s everything? How are you doing at your work place?”she asked staring at me. “Am doing good.”I replied. “It was so boring living alone all this while. But now am happy that am not alone anymore.”she said looking at me. “I’ll soon move…”I stopped for a while when I saw something by my handbag. I removed it and was staring at it. I know Stephen planted this on me. “Oh my God! Am finished. He already heard so many things. What should I do?”I thought to myself looking at it. “What’s the problem? What’s that?”mum asked looking at my hand. I placed my finger to my lips giving her sign to be quiet for a while. I took my phone and texted her. “It’s a bug. Someone is monitoring me”I sent it to her. “Really? Who’s it?”she texted back.
“I need to leave for now. I’ll visit you later”I texted and picked up my bag. I waved at her and left the living room heading out for my car. When I got to the compound and was about opening my car door, Stephen’s call came in.

John’s POV

We waited more than 30mins before Jenny’s grandma arrives home. I greeted her and Jenny did the same. Stella didn’t bother to greet because she can’t see her anyway.
She looks beside me as if she saw her. “You were not thought how to greet?”she asked looking beside me. I first thought she was referring to me but I found out it was Stella.
“Good evening ma. I don’t know you could see me also”Stella said looking at her in surprise. “Why can’t I? Are you saying my sights are bad?”she asked looking at her. “Am sorry ma”Stella apologized again. “It OK. But learn to greet people”she said. By looking at her, she looks like a strict person. I guess she’ll be so wicked for real. By judging by her behavior, she must be a mean grandma”i thought to myself looking At her. She raised her eyebrows looking at me. Jenny also looked at my direction smiling. “Don’t judge people by their behaviors. Not everyone with bad behavior and attitudes are wicked OK?”she said looking at me badly. I was so surprised she knew what I was thinking. I tried so hard not to think she’s a witch or she might know that too. I focused my mind on another thing and try hard not to think about anything. “So, why are you guys here?”she asked. Jenny explained everything to her about Stephen and his evil deeds. She requested a way to get ride of Stephen without sacrificing any life.
After Jenny told her this, she was silent for a while staring at us. “Who told you guys a life would be sacrificed?”she asked looking at us. “I told them. I dreamt about it a couple of days”Jenny said. ” It’s so simple. If you must get ride of the evil spirit inside him, he will die as well.”she said. “Yes. Who care?”Stella said looking at her. “OK. If you guys want to get ride of him, his true love blood would be mixed to the black power. Which is the girl you saw in your dream. She won’t die. If her blood is mixed with it, then that would get ride of him. His true love blood.
But the spirit in me right now is telling me the girl is near to her grave because the evil spirit is after her. If you guys fail to do this tomorrow or earlier, two person will die soon. I don’t really see the second person but he/she is among us here right now”she said looking at us one after the other. My heart was beating so fast on hearing that. “Not again! No one must die again before his evil deed would be revealed.”I thought to myself feeling restless.

To Be Continued Right Now…..


We started staring at each other one after the other in shock. “That means we need to hurry up”Jenny said looking at me. “Let me call Sandra when we leave. Because I don’t even know how to get the black powder. How should we do this?”I said.
When we left Jenny grandma’s place, we were heading back in my car. “We need to act fast or Stephen might win this time around too. I can’t stand it if he hurt two people at the same day. We need to stop him”I said. I brought out my phone and called Sandra. “Hello. Where are you?”I asked her. “Stephen called for me. Am heading to his place now”she replied. “No! You can’t. Please go to my place we’ll soon be there. Stephen is planning something more bad this time. Your life is at risk. Don’t go to him please”I said begging her. “OK. I will”she replied without hesitation. I dropped the call and concentrated in driving. “What did she say? Is she going to your house?”Stella asked sounding worried. “Yes she is”I replied and put more speed to the car.
When we got to my house, I saw her car packed outside while she was standing beside it. I packed beside her and we all get out. “Let’s go in”I said leading them towards the door. I opened the door with my key and we went in. We all sat in the living room with worried expression on everyone’s face.
I explained everything Jenny’s grandma told us to Cassandra. She was so surprised her blood was the only ingredient that could be added to the powder to destroy Stephen. “Am ready to give as much blood as needed just to get ride of that demon”she said. “But what of the powder? How can we get that from him?”Jenny asked her. She smiled nodding her head. “No need to worry about that. I have it with me.”she replied. I was so confused on how she got it from Stephen. “How did it get to you? Hope he won’t suspect you take it?”I asked her. “He disposed it himself since it’s something that might destroy him, I think that was why he disposed it. I was so lucky to find it before the cleaner could empty then trash”she replied. She opened her handbag and brought it out of an extra black nylon. “Here it is”she said showing it to us. I got relieved after seeing it but my mind was not at peace yet because we were told to act fast before it would be too late.
A call came into Cassandra’s phone. She took her phone and looked at the screen then looked back at us. “Stephen?”I guess looking at her. She nodded her head in response. “Pick it and tell him you’re feeling sick so you can’t make it to his place.”I said looking at her. She picked it and placed it to her hear. “Hello. When I wanted to come, I felt a strong stomach ache so I went back inside to rest. Am sorry for not making it up to you”Sandra said sounding weak.
I don’t know Stephen’s reply. “No you don’t need to visit me. I’ll be OK soon because I’ve called my doctor to attend to me. You don’t need to bother about that”Sandra said.
When she ended the call, I asked her what Stephen said to her on phone. “He said he want to come and check on me but I told him not to bother”she replied. “How do we withdraw your blood? We need to be fast as she told us”I said looking at Cassandra.

Stephen’s POV

When I called her, she lied to me she was at home when I knew she wasn’t.
I trusted Sandra with all my heart but she has betrayed me by working with john and co. I know what to do to her but I don’t want something I’ll regret later because I truly love her. Anytime the evil spirit in me tried to react to her, I always try best to stop that from happening because sometimes I use to have control over the spirit. Those time I can’t control it were the time I killed Stella and Debbie and many other people that are so dear to me. my body was not acting then but the evil spirit in anger.
I closed my eyes tightly and rested my head back on the seat. I heard some sounds In my head and that made me open them again. The spirit is trying to use me again. I stood up and blocked my ears but the sound increased. Few seconds later, it overpowered me and I was not in control anymore. I looked around the room smiling. It’s 6:00pm, All my thoughts were to kill both Stella and Cassandra. I left my room and went for my car in the compound. I got into the car and drove out towards the place I heard Stella was receiving treatments. When I got there, I got down from my car and stood before the building smiling to myself. I used the power of speed and invisibility to enter through the window. I looked around the house and saw three people in the living room. They can’t see me because I was in form of evil spirit. I started sniffing to guess the room she was kept. The scent lead me to the room she was kept. When I got there, the door was locked. I went through it and finally I saw her lying unconsciously on the bed with oxygen mask covering her mouth and nose.
I smiled to myself and moved closer to her.

Cassandra’s POV

My blood was taken with a syringe. We all prepare to use that on Stephen but don’t know where he would be and how to use it. Suddenly, Jenny closed her eyes. We all kept quiet looking at her. She stood up looking at us. “There’s danger. We need to be fast. A spirit is telling me Stella is in danger. And I guess this can be true. Where’s Stella? We need to go there now!”Jenny said looking impatient. We all stood up and rushed to the place. When we got there, I knocked on the gate and elle opened it. “Wel…”I didn’t let her finish before I banged in and walked down towards their door. The rest followed me. When we got to the living room, mum and dad stood up on seeing the expression on our face. “Mum, dad, did you allow anyone into this house?”I asked them. “No one is here. We are the only one at home. Why did you ask?”dad asked looking at me. I looked at one of the windows and saw that the curtain was opened. “No Stephen. You can’t do this”I said almost crying. “Get me the key! The key to special room”I requested looking at dad. “Elle get me the key from my bag”he said facing elle. Before she could go, I rushed there and opened her office bag. I scattered everything there and brought our the key. We quickly rushed to the door and opened it. I was the first to go in. When I got in, I saw Stephen about to stab Stella. “Stop!”I screamed rushing to him.




When I got to him, I pushed him away from Stella and he staggered back to the wall. “You can’t do anything to my sister. You can’t!”I screamed looking at him.

John’s POV

When I saw the situation Cassandra was, I have to stop everything at once. So, I brought out the black powder and the blood in the syringe. I was about opening the sachet when I noticed Stella was acting strange. Her body was fading off and she was becoming translucent as the other time. “Why are you like this again? You can’t do this now”I said holding her arms. “I also don’t know what’s happening to me.”she said looking at me. “Hold on. You can’t go anywhere now. Everything would be over soon. Please hang on”I said. Her body became so translucent that I could see the other side through her. She was also crying confused at what’s about to happen. I heard a loud noise from Sandra’s direction and I quickly turned back. Stephen pushed her to some tools and stuffs beside her. She fell to the ground groaning in pain. Mr and Mrs Josh became more scared of the situation. “What’s happening here? How does he get in? Who’s he?”he asked looking confused. I turned back to look at Stella but she was gone. “No! You can’t do that. What will happen to her? Is she gone for good? She can’t die. Please you need to come back”I said crying. Jenny was also crying while Mr Josh and his family found it weird because they can’t see who am talking to. Stephen tried to get closer to Stella’s bed but I stopped him by pushing him away. When I pushed him, the syringe dropped to the ground and he stepped on it. He looked at me and started laughing. He moved closer to me and grabbed me by the neck. I tried to free myself but his power became more stronger.

Sandra’s POV

When I saw how Stephen tried to hurt john, I managed to stand up. I found out Stephen had stepped on the syringe and the blood has been spilled on the floor. “Let him go now you evil monster!”I screamed at him. “Will you shut your mouth? I thought you were different but you betrayed me. I’ll tell you nobody betrayed me and go Scott free”he said applying more pressure to the way he grabbed John’s neck. He dropped john and he landed on the floor. He was in pain and not able to stand up. Stephen faced me and moved closer when he was about to get to me, I heard the sound of hitting. Jenny hit his head with a whine bottle. He didn’t move but stopped for a while and turned back slowly to look at Jenny. “You can’t hurt anyone again. You have to stop here. Everyone saw you’re the culprit now so stop everything and surrender yourself to the police”Jenny said panting heavily. “Who the hell are you? How dare you?”he said in a loud voice and hit Jenny with his hand. She flew and landed to the hard wall. She then fell to the ground groaning in pain. I picked the black powder from the floor and opened it. He then turned back to me smiling. “You actually thought you guys can destroy me with that? Why can’t you believe what I told you? It can’t work on me.”he said laughing. I quickly moved to the desk behind me and too a sharp long tool there. I then stabbed my hand with it. “Then I’ll do it like this. This would work on you”I said and pour the sachet in my palm then dropped my blood to it. I threw everything at him in anger. He started screaming as his body was burning up in flames. The evil spirit left his body then vanished into the thin air. He looked at me and fell to the ground slowly looking weak. I quickly went to others and helped them up. “He’s gone. We did it. He’s gone for good”I said helping them up. Few minutes later, the two police men came in while Mr Josh followed them behind. “Here he is. He broke into my house”he said pointing at the weak Stephen. The police took him away to their station.
“Where’s Stella? Where’s she?”john said looking around.
We all heard a soft coughing from her bed and everyone looked at her direction. Dr Josh quickly rushed to her bed and checked her up. “She’s conscious! She’s back to life”he shouted looking at us. We all rushed there and her eyes opened. She stared at us one after the other without moving her body or saying anything.

To Be Continued Right Now…
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