My husband cooks and do house chores for me everyday ~ Female doctor

By: Sarkolee / April 25th, 2022 / 110 views

Amani Jambhekar, a doctor, has sparked outrage on the microblogging platform Twitter after she revealed what her spouse did at home.

The woman who raved over her spouse for his support stated he cleans the house and does the laundry.

Amani, who works as an oncologist, claimed that he prepares her meals and lunch every day. When asked if he is unemployed, she responded that he has a job but has more flexibility, therefore he does those things for her.

She wrote this on this on her page :

My husband makes me dinner every night, packs my lunch every day, and does the cleaning and laundry. Just putting this here for all the women, especially those in surgical residencies – men who support women do exist.

ETA: He is not a stay at home husband. He has an equally competitive career and he works mostly remotely so he has more flexibility. He also knows surgery and medicine have FAR less flexibility & are far less progressive about self/family/home care compared to other fields.

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