Naira Marley Court trial adjourn till September after more evidence provided to the court against him

By: Sarkolee / July 16th, 2022 / 61 views

The trial is postponed to September 26 as the EFCC delivers additional evidence against NairaMarley.


A prosecuting witness, Dein Whyte, an operative of the EFCC, continued giving evidence in the trial of Azeez Fashola, also known as Naira Marley, today, July 15, 2022, before Justice I. Nicholas Oweibo of the Federal High Court in Ikoyi, Lagos. The court overruled the defendant’s objection to the forensic evidence the witness had previously presented.


The EFCC has accused NairaMarley of 11 counts of credit card fraud, and he is currently in court facing those charges.


The defense attorney, Olalekan Ojo SAN, challenged to the witness’s assessment of the forensic evidence connecting the defendant to credit card theft at the most recent sitting on June 9, 2022. He had contended that an investigator was not qualified to determine whether the prisoner was guilty or not.


Justice Oweibo made a brief ruling during today’s resumed trial in which he overruled the defense’s argument.


“It is the responsibility of the law enforcement agency or Police to look into whether the defendant committed the crime or not while bringing someone to court. The defendant must be connected to the crime’s commission by the investigator. Before taking the case to court, the prosecutor must have made up his mind regarding the defendant’s involvement. I disagree that the defendant has been found guilty by the prosecution, the judge said.

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