Netizens reacts as Actor Lege Miami blasts western Nigerians for not supporting Tinubu [video]

By: Sarkolee / August 6th, 2022 / 13 views

Actor Adams Kehinde, also known as Lege Miami, has drawn ire from Nigerians when he insulted Western Nigerians for not camping out with APC presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Lege Miami criticized Yorubas for not publicly endorsing Tinubu on Instagram.

Lege emphasized how no Lagosian had held the position of power.

He referred to them by a number of unprintable terms and predicted that many of them would be abducted since they couldn’t decide who to vote for.

“Awon Yoruba ******** wa, you all claim that they abduct you on the highway, and they will continue to abduct you all,” they said. Those in authority permitting such is what you enjoy. You still want to vote for a different tribe even though no one from Lagos has held office.

pai__pa: How much them give you sehhhh

har_bio_dun: You dey work for APC you con dey coz all yoruba, na must for all Yoruba to vote for Tinubu

mickolex: Ogbeni go n sit down joor… waiting you know for politics

jaykay_money: Unfollowing you straight, you lack manners

attardaox: Story for the gods, I am a lagosian and nothing will make me vote Tinubu

insha_allah101: This guy don later mad

maranathafoodventures: I don’t understand lege is it by force… everybody has the right to vote for whoever he or she pleases…can you stop insulting people because they are not going your lane…this video is just nonsense

Fans gorged on him as they attacked him in the comments section for being tribalistic.

“Tinubu does not need South-East and South-South vote and if una no vote for am e go even worst for una when he become president, na who give am number na him he go attend to. So if you people don’t have sense, you better have sense now. South East and South-South he does not need your vote”, he stressed.

He went on to say that Tinubu has a stronghold in several regions.

Where Tinubu hold he hold am stronggg’,

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