Netizens reacts as Asake tears his singlet during performance in a concert [video]

By: Sarkolee / October 14th, 2022 / 46 views

Following the fast-rising singer Ahmed Olalade Asake’s bizarre performance at a recent concert, Nigerians provide their open advise to the artist.

Asake, who is renowned for using original tactics to delight his audience, unlocked an odd type of performance when he tore his black singlets to pieces on stage.

In addition to this, one might remember that the singer of the hit song “Organise” once brought a live goat on stage during a concert in Atlanta, USA, which caused a stir. Similar to this, Asake appeared on stage with a bundle of long canes.

The singer in this video, who was singing his hit song, “Sungba,” displayed some spirited dance steps before tearing his singlet.

He should calm down, some online users who disagreed with him said in the comment section.

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One ilias_olafathia wrote:

“Obviously he is just happy, but Asake small small, no turn yourself to portable.”

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wald_machala wrote:

“Asake don Dey over do portable wan con Dey learn😅🤣”

gylliananthonette wrote:

“Na only am know wetin he drink before he climb stage…unique performance”