Netizens reacts over video of portable hugging small doctor with pant only on the stage [watch]

By: Sarkolee / December 27th, 2022 / 61 views

Netizens reacts over video of portable hugging small doctor with pant only on the stage [watch]

His fans are once more discussing him when a video of the contentious musician Portable and a young doctor in Agege leaked.

The performer was observed hugging Small Doctor while only wearing a pair of pants. Even Small Doctor was impressed by the small Drama portable’s performance. When the performer was being carried off stage by the Agege boys, do you recall him shouting Small Doctor?

After becoming stoned at his Agege show, Portable Swear To Deal With Small Doctor

Controversial The Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, alias Portable, attacked the Afrofuji musician Small Doctor just a few hours after they had reconciled.

Despite being invited to perform at Small Doctor’s concert on Friday in Agege, fans stoned him with bottles in protest of his continued online comments.

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In a recent video, the Zazuu star alleged that the Penalty singer was to blame for his trauma because he was jealous of his popularity.

Portable claims that Small Doctor is jealous of him since he has more clout in the industry now.

The creator of Zeh Nation also denounced the performer of “This Year,” saying that Small Doctor was the one who gave the order for the mob to attack him. He went on to say that none of the things they threw really hit him, despite the premeditated attack.

Aside from promising to deal with Small Doctor, Portable barred him from going to any concerts in Ogun State and threatened to beat him up and strip him nude if he did.

The argumentative performer declared that he would overcome Small Doctor once more wherever they met because they had already defeated one another at the home of show promoter Abu Abel after their argument and reconciliation.

The cities of Ibadan, Sango, Oshogbo, and Ilorin were also mentioned by Portable as having males who could deal with the Agege musician if they met there.