Nigerian Corper refuses to pay bike man after his trips claiming he is a corper [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 16th, 2022 / 17 views

Residents were drawn in by the dramatic conversation between a corp member and a bike man regarding the cost of transportation.

After the okada rider was dropped off at his location, the corp refused to pay him, which resulted in an argument.

The young man said in a video that he had informed the bikeman that he was a corper and had no money before getting on the okada.

The young man questioned the biker about his insistence on demanding payment before starting the journey.

He asserted his legal position and expressed disbelief that the rider had requested payment upon arrival.

The man insisted repeatedly that because he was a corper, he was entitled to special treatment, including not having to pay because he was short on cash.

When their conversation became more heated and threatened to turn into a physical altercation, neighborhood members started to gather.

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