Nigerian lady narrates how she cheated on her boyfriend with his friend without knowing it is a setup [watch video]

By: Sarkolee / June 29th, 2022 / 52 views

A woman from Nigeria has recounted how her two-year relationship ended as a result of her affair with her boyfriend’s buddy.

She claimed that after meeting up with her man’s friend, her boyfriend unexpectedly showed up at the venue of their date.

The young woman who told her story in a video that was published online claimed that until they returned home, she felt remorseful and was unsure of what to do.

However, when he was at home, he was in the bathroom when his friend, with whom she had gone out, sent him a message.

Astonished by the message, his friend questioned him and he replied that it was all a test, asking whether he had already chased her away. They parted ways in this manner.


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