Nigerian man mocks Policeman after giving him school certificate instead of car document while he didn’t know [video]

By: Naijamedialog / September 23rd, 2022 / 96 views

A video of a Nigerian man making fun of a police officer who reportedly couldn’t read has been posted online.

He disclosed that the officer had pulled over his car at a checkpoint and requested the vehicle’s registration papers.

He unintentionally provided the policeman his son’s school records rather than the required paperwork, but the security officers were oblivious.

The officer could be seen looking over the paperwork as if he were double-checking that they were current in the video the young man posted.

He was made fun of by the passing vehicle for not realizing he was holding school papers. He claimed that after five minutes of reading, the policeman returned the paper to him and gave him the okay to leave.

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