Nigerian man narrate how his wife took N3.1 million loan and bought him a car for cab business after loosing his job

By: Sarkolee / April 25th, 2022 / 61 views

Dayo Apata, a Nigerian man, has resorted to social media to share how his wife helped him after he lost his job.

He claimed she took out a N3.1 million loan and purchased a used automobile for him, advising him to use it to start a taxi service.

Unfortunately, three weeks after he began using the car, it developed a problem, which is why he took to Twitter to tell his story.

Dayo bemoaned that life has been difficult, and that he and his wife have been fighting to make ends meet since he cannot afford to maintain his automobile.

He then pleaded for Nigerians to help him since he is frustrated because he has been unable to get another employment after losing his previous one.

He wrote this on his page :

I lost my job last year, my wife help me get a loan to get a tokunbo car 3.1m now the got spoiled. I can’t work. I just started not up to 3weeks and I don’t have money to repair the car. They said I need to change the power steering, I don’t have that kind of money to do this.

I look for job for almost 8months I couldn’t get one so my wife get me the loan from a place to start bolt driver, I really can’t tell her I need to repair the car of 3weeks. I need help I need to fix the car, also I need a Job. Pls help me I’m depress.

Life has been so hard for myself and my wife since I lost my job I couldn’t find any job since, I want to take care of my wife, pls help me she has been so supportive, pls help me not to disappoint her. Help me fix the car and help me get a job. I’m depress pls help me

My wife stood with me since day one, pls help me get a good life so that for me to take care of my wife, I have a blind mother too that needed care, life has been difficult for me for a very long time now , at this point i can’t figure it out anymore.

I’m fed up

Pls help me get my life back on track, I’m depress I’m so depress, I haven’t feel this way before I think I know real real depression now .

I’m confused at this point of my life I can’t figure it out anymore. Please help me I want to take care of my wife and my mother.. pls help me

Myself and my wife have been through may things but she stood by me pls, help me I don’t want her labour to be in vain, I want to take good care of her, I want her to live a good life. She’s a good woman she’s needed to be Happy, pls help me to make this her reality

Pls help me to get out of this depression. Now I didn’t tell her that the car broke down I can’t tell her, I don’t want her to be depress like myself. Pls help me pls help us

I need a job, and I needed to fix the car. I can’t tell my wife what I’m going through right now because she will be so depress, pls help me I want to give her a better life also to take care of my blind mom. This people has been through a lot because of me.

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