Nigerian man narrates how he drove this 4 years girlfriend to her traditional marriage with another man unknowingly

By: Sarkolee / July 15th, 2022 / 65 views

A Nigerian guy wrote about how his girlfriend used him to assist her get ready for her traditional wedding on the internet.

He claims that she informed him that her sister was about to get married, and he helped by accompanying them to the market to buy the necessary supplies.

The boyfriend picked them up from Onitsha and drove them both to her hometown of Nsukka, Enugu, where the wedding was taking place. He then left right away for Anambra.

His fiancée responded positively when he later got in touch with her to ask how her sister’s conventional wedding was progressing.

When he went on Facebook and saw pictures of his baby getting married and people congratulating her, things got complicated.

See his write ups ;

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