Nigerian man narrates how he escaped being seduced by his boss wife

By: Sarkolee / June 29th, 2022 / 36 views

A Nigerian man described the day he visited his oga and felt drawn to the man’s wife.

He claimed that when he briefly traveled to a northern state a few years ago, he was received with open arms.

The pair was conversing with him, but he realized that they were not speaking to one another.

The woman tried to seduce the man after he left and did not return one tragic night.

He wrote ;

A few years ago, work took me to a northern state for a brief purpose and I stayed in my oga (boss) home.

It was quit okay as I was received well into the house.. But what happened? I noticed the couple were not in talking terms, but they talked to me.

One night, the man left and did not come back that night.

To be real I met a dangerous temptation as the wife and I became “fleshly” close to each other that night, we were talking and the environment was “satanned”.

She was weak, and I was weak, but I held on and never caressed her nor got intimate with her.

I had the power to Unclothe her as she was vulnerable. She complained of her hubby’s performance.

Thank God I did not fall. I might have been destroyed today.

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